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Mayor Fourtner appointed the following person for his term of office. <br />Anita Gust Water Collector, Howard Sievers, Engineer, R. H. Doty Street <br />and Water Superintendent, Dr. Zenn.y Health Officer, R. H. Doty Police <br />Judge, Walter Clausen Finance Committee, Street Llglatt&nd Sewer.Committee, <br />Chandler, Hansen and McDonell; Water Committee Clausen chairman, Jones <br />Savage and McGibbon. <br />The Clerk was authorized to write to Paul C. Lawing, that he must submit <br />his plans and specification for installing a septic tankq to comply with <br />the City Ordinance.,. <br />Attorney Anderson, was authorized to offer $250 for the property near the <br />South Edmonds water tank. <br />Street Superintendent Doty reported that the catch basin on seventh.and <br />Alder street was filled up and running in the street caused from the <br />sewerage of the J. J. Potter property. A motion was made by Clauservltmd <br />seconded by.Jones,)that the City objects to this sewerage disposal and <br />is in violation of the City Ordinance. Motion carried. <br />Water Supt. Doty brought up before the council the reading of the water <br />meters every two months except the business places which would be read <br />every month,, because. of the shortageoof'Uhelp. The Clerk wasasked to contaot <br />the Attorney in regard to andordinance also a zoning ordinance, to protect <br />building near our water wells. <br />There bAing no further business the meeting adj-ourned. <br />r Mayor. <br />January 16, 1945. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The r6ll <br />call showed the following councilmen present Chandler, McGibbon, McDonell, <br />Jones, Savage., Hansen and Clausen. <br />A motion was made by Savage and seconded by McGibbon that the bills for <br />labor be allowed Ray Mckeever $080 on the Vatcr, $16 on the street fund, <br />Floyd Duncan $80 on water fund,, and the bille of Earl TdacDonald for $15 for <br />special pol-ice be allowed but his bill for 7..50 for breaking of his glasses <br />was not allowed. Motion carried. <br />The plans and specification for a septic tank to be installed near the Yost <br />well, -by Paul C. Lawing was presented to the City Council. A motion was made <br />by McGibbon and seconded btr Savage that this be referred to the Street Com- <br />mitted and the City Engineer. <br />Water Superintendent Doty reported th t the new water tank and tower was <br />practically completed. He also reported that the water department was in <br />need of meters, meter boxes and also copper tubing. A motion was made by <br />Savage and seconded by Clausen that the water superintendent be authorized <br />to purchase•20 meters 20 meter boxes and 800 feet of ;inch copper tubing. <br />Passed by a unaminous vote of the council. <br />Mr. Ryan ceme.before the Council in regards -to getting water to his propertyl <br />that is about .a mile south of our water line.. After some discussion Council- <br />man McGibbon stated thEt we should not sell ,mo-re water outside of the City <br />until we are sure of enough water for City use.. Councilman Clausen <br />stated that this matter should be taken under consideration. Mayor Pourtner <br />referred this to the water, superintendent and committee and the engineer. <br />Mr. Miller came before the Council and asked.that"a.letter be sent to the <br />Federal government -in regards to a housing project in the City of Edmonds. <br />Counoilinan Savage made a motion that a letter to sent to the Federal Gov. <br />about the critical housing condition, McDonell seconded.the motion. McGibbon <br />voted no, and Clausen voted no. <br />Mayor Fourtner reported he had applications from the following persons the <br />the police job. Carl Perrine, Mr. Montgomery- ldr. Jackson, Or , Cahn <br />Walsh ��225. Councilman McGibbon suggested. getting a tempergr �,�nd- get <br />tome references -from, the applicants. Councilman C.IbLusen stated that he was <br />in favor of McGibbon's suggestion. A motion was made by Hansen and seconded <br />by McDonell that the mayor be authorized to employ two policemen. Passed <br />by a unaminous vote of the couijcil. <br />Mayor Fourtnet appointed McDonell, McGibbon and Clausen on a committee to <br />license the different amusements. <br />J <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />