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CITY S T t EET r U1\TD <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />Superintendent 1500000 <br />Asst. Supt. Salar------------------------------- 1350.00 <br />Street Lights-------------------------------------------- 2200.00 <br />Supplies---------------------------- --------------------- 1250.00 <br />Engineer------------------- ----------------------------- 750.00. <br />Ind. Insurance & Medical Aid----------------------------- 75.00 <br />New Equipment-------------------------------------------- 1000.00 w 16,125.00 <br />New Construction----------------------------------------- 8000.00 <br />Total Expenditures------------------------------------------------- w§ 38,741.60 <br />ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENSE RECEIPTS FOR 1947 <br />Estimate of cash on hand at the end of year -------------- w 16000.00 <br />Fines and Fees------------------------------------------- 2000.)00 <br />Liquor Revenues------------------------------------------- 8000.00 <br />Gas Tax Revenues----------------------------------------- 3000.00 <br />Amount to be raised for Current Expense by <br />14.17 mills on $686,796 valuation------------------------ 9741.60 <br />38,741.60 <br />EX2ENDI'T RE , FOR BONDS AND INTEREST: <br />L. I. D. Guarantee Bonds--------------------------------- $ 1000.00 <br />Trunk Sewer Bonds and Interest--------------------------- 1675.00 <br />Total amount to be raised by 3.89 mills <br />on $686,796 valuation------------------------------------w 2675.00 <br />amount to be raised for Bonds and Interest----------------------- 2675.00 <br />Amount to be raised for Current Expense------------------------- 9741.60 <br />Grand total to be raised by 18.06 mills on <br />$686,796 valuation --- ------------------------------------------- $12416.60 <br />t <br />WATER DEPAi?TMENT RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES <br />141A#er Collector, Salary ----------------------------------w <br />_ Superintendent, Salary ----------------------------------- <br />Asst. Supt. Salary --------------------------------------- <br />Extra Men Viages------ ----------------------------------- <br />Power for Pumps ------------------------------------------ <br />Repairs-------------------------------------------------- <br />Materials------------------- 7---------------------------- <br />-edemntion of Bonds and Interest ------------------------- <br />Ind. Insurance & Medical Aid ----------------------------- <br />Emergency Ordinance -------------------------------------- <br />Total Expenditures -------------------------- <br />1500.00 <br />1500.00 <br />1550.00 <br />1200.00 <br />2000.00 <br />1000.00 <br />12000.00 <br />12500.00 <br />100.00 <br />A�n.nn <br />Hydrant Rental from Currect Expense-------- e--------w 2400.00 <br />Water Revenues, estimated-------------------------------- 22000.00 <br />Cash in Bond Redemption il'und----------------------------- 7030.00 <br />N 33,800.00 <br />Cash in Operating Pund----------------------------------- 2400.00 <br />Total 1eceipts-------------------------------------------33,800.00 <br />Section 2: This ordinance shall be certified to the proper Gour;ty Official <br />as provided by law, and the taxes herein levied shall be collected and paid <br />to the City Treasurer of the City of Edmonds, at the time and the manner <br />�_,rovided by the laws of the State of ,':eshingtor, for the collection of taxes <br />for Third Class Cities. <br />Passed this 7th day o-' October 1946. <br />1' A ij'ou-rtner, ,dayor <br />Anita Gust, City Clerk <br />Published October 9, 1946 <br />A motion was made by Siefert and seconded by Waggoner that we adopt the budget <br />for 1947. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />City Clerk Mipyor <br />Sejg�4j /,5-1 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present McGibbon, Siefert, McGinness <br />and Clausen. <br />The Treasurer's report for the month of September was read. A motion was <br />made by Clausen and seconded by McGinn.ess that the rate of pay for day labor <br />be increased to $1.10 per hour. Motion carried. <br />