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X <br />The Clerk'was-asked to read the petition which was signed by the property <br />owners `along the westerly bouniiary of Yost's Admiral way, which is now <br />occupied by Pointer-Williamette Co., In this petition the Po.Alttier. Will- <br />iametts Co.:,,agrees to improve and widen the road at their expense and ask <br />the City bear the 61penae of upkeep and inaintenance, <br />A nptign',was made,by MoGinness hnd seconded by Siefert that this be referred <br />to the street committee to report at the next council meeting. Carried. <br />Mr. Caspers, owner of Caspers Service Station 'came before hhe Council. 'He <br />stated that he was having black -top work done at his "service station, and <br />was having it extended to the oonbrete pavement. He asked if the City would <br />pay part of the expense. A motion was made by MoGinness and seoonded by <br />MoGibbon that the City pay 40f of the oost of the blank -top which will be <br />put on the street., the work to be done under the supervision of the city <br />Engineer Mr. Wolff. A rollocall vote showed McGibbon yes, Waggoner no, <br />Tucker no, MoGinness yes, Siefert no, Clausen yes, and Maxwell yes. ' <br />Fire Chief Matt Engelw asked for two gas masks for the fire department. <br />Amotion was made by Siefert and seconded by McGibbon that he purchase two ✓ <br />gas masks for the fire department. Motion carried. He° alto asked for: a <br />'space to park a oar from 7;30 Ae M.;to;6;30 P. M.. A motion was made by <br />Waggoner and,seeonded by Siefert that a space be marked fbr the fire Dept.. <br />on Main street in front of the bank, and the car be so marked`. Motion <br />carried:. <br />Emergency Ordinance No. 566 was introduced to the council. A'motion was <br />made by MoGibnese and Waggoner this ordinance be published. <br />Motion carried. <br />Councilman Waggoner made a motion -that the Street Supt. not mark any more <br />streets for loading zones. No'second to this motion. A -motion wag made <br />by Waggoner' and seconded by Siefdrt that; any illegal painted signs be <br />taken off the streets,. a4dt;the patntdi of new signs must .be brought before <br />the Council. ;Motion carried. <br />Councilman MaGinness stated that property owner were not breaking down the <br />curbs for their driveways but were filling it in with cement. A!motion was <br />made by MoGinness and seconded by Tucker that the street Supt. be authorized <br />to notify the property owners who filled in their driveways to remove it <br />and put in the reguU tion driveway, and application for same must be <br />the city council., Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by MoGinness and seconded by Siefert that the attorney <br />be instructed to draw up -a resolution a Intention for the proposed sewer, <br />Ninth Street'from Maple to Walnut street, Walnut street from -ninth to <br />eleventh, Alder street from ninth to Eleventh, Maple street from Fifth to <br />Eleventh, and Fifth Street street from Dayton Street to Maple street. <br />Motion'earried. <br />Chief of Police Holmquist asks to have the pedestrian lane at the grade <br />school movecL to the crossing. A'motion was made by Tucker and seoonded by <br />McGibbon that the cross walk be moved to the intersection on Seventh and <br />Main streets. <br />Councilman Siefert asked fro have Erben Drive opened up and also to hand <br />the sewer extended. This was referred to the street committee. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />• ..�,„,�� ,ray"�+��nau.;,...,. _. <br />Cit <br />y Ure-YE for <br />March 4, 1947 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Vourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present McGibbon, Waggoner', Tucker, Siefert, <br />MoGinness, Clausen, and Maxwell .:.� <br />The water collectors and Treasurers reports were'read.. Amotion was made by <br />McGibbon and seconded by Maxwell that the bills which were approved by the <br />finance committee be allowed and warraate be drawn on the proper funds, and <br />the bills for labor be paid from money.budgeted for salaries. Motion carried. <br />A motion -was' made by Clausen and seconded by Tucker that the bill of Earl <br />Gordon Co.., which was paid by Mr. Caspers, to turned over to.the Engineer <br />to make an estimate cost of the portion of blank top, which was used on the <br />city street. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by.Tuoker and seconded by McGinness that the Clerk write <br />the Attorney General in regards to investing of money from the City funds. <br />Motion carried. <br />n <br />LJ <br />1 <br />L' <br />