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1 <br />1 <br />I. <br />1 <br />Councilman Maxwell chairman of the safety committee, reported the co-ordinators <br />for Civilian Defense had been appointed, Vic Holmquist, for Chief of Police, <br />and James Astell, Fire Chief, for this district. <br />There being o further busine the meeting <br />City Clerk <br />The Council met for its regular <br />Pro tem. The roll call showed <br />McGinness, Engels and�Maxwell. <br />adjourned. <br />March 20, '1951 <br />session with Councilman Vollan presiding as Mayor <br />the folowing councilmen present Vollan, Tucker, Tuson, <br />The Clerk read the returns for the City General Election held March 13, 1951. <br />IN. W. 7,fomer received 56 votes for Treasurer for a four year term, Alfred 0. Holte <br />received 54 votes for attorney for a four year term, Victor Holmquist received <br />50 votes for Councilman at Large for a two year term, and Ernie Vollan 3 votes, <br />Donald Tuson Councilman First ward received 18 votes, for a four year term, <br />Ernie Vollan, Councilman second ward received 7 votes, for a four year term, and <br />Earl Morrison received 4 votes and Ray Cloud, Gus Swanson Bill Crow, Eugene Stine, <br />A. B. Miller, L. H. Bradbury and A. Ali. Hall receiving one vote each'. Gordon Mwnell <br />Councilman Third Ward received 12 votes for a four year term and A..B..Miller <br />Councilman of Third received 13 votes, for a two year term and E. Vollan received <br />one vote. <br />A letter was from the Aldenvood Construction Co., in which they make an offer to <br />the city for the Austin Grader of �150.00. A motion was made by councilman Tucker <br />and seconded by councilman Maxwell.that we accept this offer of 150 and the <br />money to go to the street fund. Motion carried. 1. •.­ ,'' - .._-_- ' ' <br />The Assessment roll for L. I. D.. 64 was turned over to the City Clerk for checking <br />A motion was made by councilman I'laxwell and seconded by councilman Tucker that the <br />notice of the hearing on the assessment.roll be published and notices be sent out <br />to the property owners affected by the improvement. Motion carried. <br />The 'claim from C. 0. Wheeler in which he states he has been damages to the amount <br />ofp2000 was turned over to Attorney Holte. He stated we should reject the claim. <br />The item of lights at_the city park was brought up before the council. Max Meyring <br />stated he would have a report to make on this at the next meeting. <br />Councilman McGinness reported that the str`nce property can be partially drained <br />by a three or four foot ditch along Fourth Avenue. <br />Councilman Tucker reported the surging of the wells had been started, and in pulling <br />the pump it.was found out that the bowls needed repairing or new one should be <br />installed. A motion was made by councilman `fucker and seconded by councilman Vollan <br />that new bowls be purchased for repairing of the pump. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by councilman Tucker and seconded by councilman McGinness that <br />the Engineer draw up plans for the using of lvaterfrom Shell Creek and submit them to <br />the State Health Department for approval, with the fee for Engineering at 10%. <br />Motion did not carry. <br />711ith Mayor McGibbon cpresgnting himself before the meeting Mayor pro tem Vollan <br />resumed his duties as councilman. <br />A motion was made by councilman Vollan and seconded by councilman McGinness to <br />reconsider the drawing up of plans to be submitted to the State Health Depart- <br />ment. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by councilman Tucker and seconded * Councilman McGinness <br />that the water committee be instructed to investigate the purchasing of water <br />from the Alderwood water District. Motion carried. <br />After considerable discussion a motion was made by councilman Vollan and seconded <br />by councilman Tucker that the Engineer draw up plans to submit to the State <br />health Department, with 10% fee for the Engineer cost. Motion carried. <br />Therebeing no further business the meeting ad- <br />