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<br />Edmonds City Council Approved Minutes <br />February 24, 2015 <br />Page 2 <br />COUNCIL PRESIDENT FRALEY-MONILLAS MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMEMBER <br />BUCKSHNIS, TO AMEND THE AGENDA BY MOVING ITEM 14 TO ITEM 6A. AMENDMENT <br />CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. <br /> <br />MAIN MOTION AS AMENDED CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. <br /> <br />4. APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS <br /> <br />COUNCILMEMBER BUCKSHNIS MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL PRESIDENT FRALEY- <br />MONILLAS, TO APPROVE THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. <br />The agenda items approved are as follows: <br /> <br />A. APPROVAL OF CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 17, 2015 <br /> <br />B. APPROVAL OF CLAIM CHECKS #212946 THROUGH #213004 DATED FEBRUARY 19, <br />2015 FOR $99,966.33. APPROVAL OF PAYROLL DIRECT DEPOSIT AND CHECKS <br />#61502 THROUGH #61511 FOR $465,060.76, BENEFIT CHECKS #61512 THROUGH <br />#61518 AND WIRE PAYMENTS OF $516,891.19 FOR THE PAY PERIOD FEBRUARY 1, <br />2015 THROUGH FEBRUARY 15, 2015 <br /> <br />C. ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF TWO CLAIM FOR DAMAGES FROM MARIAN <br />UNGUREANU ($2,000.00 TOTAL) <br /> <br />D. AUTHORIZATION TO CONTRACT WITH JAMES G. MURPHY TO SELL SURPLUS <br />CITY VEHICLES <br /> <br />5. AUDIENCE COMMENTS <br /> <br />David Meyer, Edmonds, was opposed to any change to Resolution 1005 and vehemently opposed to <br />public access through the cemetery. A property owner on the north side of the cemetery, he noted funerals <br />at the cemetery often have 50-100 cars and he questioned how public access would be possible. If the <br />proposal would widen the road, it would be within inches of his rear property line which was not the <br />situation when he purchased the property nor was it the situation the people who purchased the plots in <br />that area envisioned. He spoke of the beautiful setting and found it ridiculous to clear the large pine trees <br />to build nine homes and even more ridiculous to build a public thoroughfare in that area. People visiting <br />the cemetery to mourn their loved ones appreciated the solitude and would not want the occupants of <br />another nine homes staring at them. <br /> <br />Craig Pierce, Bothell, representing Select Homes, who is specifically involved with the parcel that abuts <br />104th and the 20-foot alley/access road. He described their process; they originally came to the City in <br />September for a pre-application process for the parcel to see if it could be developed. That meeting which <br />involved Public Works, Fire, Planning and Building staff included discussion of a 4-lot short plat for the <br />property. One of discussion items was the 20-foot access road and verifying ownership. Staff found it was <br />owned by Edmonds and later said it was available for access for the 4-lot short plat. From that pre- <br />application meeting, Select Homes completed feasibility, closed on the property and began a formal <br />application for a 4-lot short plat. They were informed of the resolution and its impact on their application <br />at the first review of the short plat. Staff’s presentation will include the original application for the 4 lots <br />as well as a secondary, potential access but Select Homes does not think it would be as advantageous to <br />the City to have two roads side-by-side. <br /> <br />Jan Robertson, Edmonds, Forest Glenn, said she was opposed to the proposed construction. She <br />referred to a letter she submitted from John Nordquist, a former Councilmember. When Woodway <br />Highlands was being developed, Councilmembers and then-Mayor Haakenson walked area and <br />subsequently adopted Resolution 1005. The resolution grandfathered the existing residents but did not