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• vs <br />MINUTES OF SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING <br />TO OPEN BIDS AUGUST 28, 1956 <br />The City Council of the City of Edmonds, together with the <br />Mayor, Gordon Maxwell, met on August 28, 1956, for the express <br />purpose of opening bids for material for the proposed sewage -dis- <br />posal plant in the City of Edmonds. The meeting was called -to <br />order by the Mayor at 8:00 p.m., and the following bids were re- <br />ceived:. <br />Item No. 2 (Screen and Grinder) <br />d <br />Link Belt Company, $p8,503.00 <br />Pacific Waterworks Supply, $3,447.50 <br />ZA,V-MiNUTAR- <br />Item No. 3 (.C�mn'tcrr) <br />Worthington Corp., $05 676.00 (alt. ) (Cor#1Nra/a1 Uoo°� <br />Chicago Pump Company, 62,627.00 <br />Item No. 1 (Primary clarifier) <br />H.D. Fowler, $15,200.00 <br />H.D. Fowler,..alternate, 614 400. <br />Pacific Waterworks Supply,..416,245.00 <br />Walker'Equipment Process, 412;560.00 <br />Dorr Oliver Co., $13,449.00 <br />Item No. 1-A (Primary clarifiers) <br />H.D. Fowler, $13,660.00 <br />H.D. Fowler, alternate, 611 100.00 <br />Pacific Waterworks Supply, 412,470.00 Go.,o- �R: �lj a, <br />Walker Equipment Process, $9,928.00 (Plus $121.00 transportation) <br />Dorr Oliver Company, $10,�814.00 (Plus $65.00 � n) <br />Item No. 4 (Digester) <br />Dorr Oliver Company, $4,788.00 <br />Item•,No. 5 (Chlorinator) <br />6 <br />Fischer Porter Co.., $2,054.0b <br />H.D. Fowler Co., $2,255.00 <br />.V'Wallace & Tiernan Co., $2,226.25 <br />B.I.F. Industries, $2,580.00 <br />Item No. 6 (O.Y.P.'Recorder-Controller). <br />Fischer Porter Co., $1,990.00 <br />Wallace & Tiernan Co., $7,298.00 <br />Item No..6-B (Field Engineer) <br />Fischer Porter Co., $105.00 <br />H.D..Fowler Co., $100.00 <br />Wallance & Tiernan.,.$100.00 <br />B.I.F.-Industries, $195.00 <br />Page one <br />