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t <br />• P <br />Special Council Meeting Aug.28, 1956, Minutes <br />Item No. 7 (Sludge Pump) Ptu Vcfe �'' <br />H.D. Fowler, $1,855.00 <br />R.B. Carter Co., $1,600.00 <br />Item No. 8 ( Comminuting Sludge Pump)F"..'�^a•4r: 1`� <br />H.D. Fowler, $1,180.00 <br />Pacific Waterworks Supply; $1,475.00 <br />Item No. 9 (Sewage Pump) <br />Worthington, $2,050.00 <br />Pacific Pump, 2,194.00 <br />Chicago Pump, 81,548.00 <br />Fairbanks -Morse Co., $1,498.00 <br />H.D. Fowler, $3,260.00 <br />Pacific Waterworks Supply, $2,452.00 <br />Item No. 10 (Grit Separator) <br />Dorr Oliver Co., $1,418.00 <br />Item No. 11 (Grit Pump) <br />Worthington Corp., $507.00 <br />Pacific Pump Co., $575.00 <br />H.D. Fowler, $735.00 <br />Dorr Oliver Co'., $1,410.00 <br />The bids were turned over to the City Engineer for processing <br />and consideration, with recommendations to be brought in at the <br />Council meeting of September 4, 1956. <br />Anita Busch, City Clerk <br />Page Two <br />W, <br />