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' III I�� III <br />A motion was made by councilman Kincaid and seconddd by Councilman Steed that the <br />street grade for Henlock street between Fifth and Sixth avenue, be accepted. Motion <br />carried. <br />A motion was made by councilman Tuson and seconded by councilman Steed that we call <br />i for bids for fuel oil for the City Hall for 1956, bids to be opened January 3. Motion <br />carried. <br />Because of heavy trucks dAma�eing Walnut street between Third and Fifth avenue a motion <br />was made by councilman Kincaid and seconded by councilman Bishop for the street to be <br />posted "Ten ton Gross, load limit." Motion carried. <br />r <br />There being,no further busi ss the meeting adjourned. <br />le <br />City -;Clerk Mayor <br />January 3,, 1956 <br />The Council met.for._its..regular session with Mayor Maxwell presiding. The roll call <br />showad the following councilmen.. present' Tuson, Talen, Kincaid, Cloud, Bishop, Som- <br />merseth and Steed. <br />The Water collectors report to.the Council. <br />A claim for damages done to the property of G. Mason Hall, was referred to Attorney <br />Holte. <br />One bid for fuel oil for the City Hall for 1956 was received from Edmonds Diesel Delivery, <br />A motion was made by councilman Bishop and seconded by Councilman Sommerseth, that we <br />F: accept the bid from Edmonds Diesel Delivery. Motion carried. <br />Two bids were received for a used truck for the streetdepartment onefrom Edmonds Motor <br />co, for. $975.00 'and one from Hopper Chevrolet Co., for., 990.00 Bids were referred <br />! to the street committee for checking. <br />This -Was the night set.for the hearing on the annexation of the Northeast portion of <br />Edmonds. Attorney Holte'reported that more than 75% of the property had signed for <br />the annexation. 'There being no objections for the annexation a motion was made by <br />Councilman Tuson and seconded by councilman Bishop that Ordinance #675 be adopted. <br />Motion carried. .- <br />This was also the night set for the Y13official hearing for the improvement of'Fourth <br />Avenue south. After Mr, Sylvia ask1W to have his name taken from the petition, <br />Attorney Holte reported.there was. -only 50% of the propertysigned for the smprovement. <br />Councilman Kincaid recommended and.made a.motion that as the petition contains only <br />;•,�50% of the signatures, the petition be denied, Councilman Tuson seconded the motion. <br />Motion carried. <br />' Mayor Maxwell read a letter to the Council from the Public Utility District in regards <br />to our street lights. He stated the area West of Sixth avenue will•be the first district <br />to have the new lights installed. The extra cost in -this area will be 098*.40 per month. <br />�A motion was,made by councilman Talen'and seconded by councilman Tuson that -we accept the <br />proposal of P. U.. D. #1 for the modernization of the street lightning and they be authorized <br />j to install the lights. Motion carried. <br />Chief,of Police Grimstad recommedded we do not have the Christmas tree at Fifth & Main <br />street next year. <br />A motion was.made by Councilman Kincaid and seconded -by Councilman Steed that Chapter <br />71 Artical 4 estaialishing a cumulative Reserve Fund for the Edmonds City Library be <br />passed and made. a part •of:,tho Code. Motion carried. <br />A motion was.made by-Councilman-Tuson and seconded by Councilman Cloud that Attorney <br />Holte answer the letter of the School District #15, in regards to connecting,the new <br />High School, which is to be built at Holmes Corner; to our sewer providing satisfactory <br />agreement can be reached. Motion carried, with a dissendding vote from Councilman Kincaid. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Tuson and seconded by Councilman Sommerseth that the <br />b-11,94s approved lbtr the auditing committee be allowed and•warrante be drawn on the <br />proper, funds. Motion :carried.: <br />A motion was made by Councilman Bishop and seconded by councilman Sommerseth that tiffe <br />pay, ;the bill of Roy. Degneau) in the. amount of $ settle the' Judgment against <br />the City of Edmonds, k:__ damages 'done to his .property, by the 'st,arm serer. Motion carried <br />Mayor Maxwell appointed Councilman Steed to serve on the water committee. <br />A motion was made try Coun.clman;Talen.and seconded by Councilman Sommerseth that we deny <br />the claim for damaged presented by'.tir. Hall, for 4250.:' A roll call vote showed Tuson yes, <br />Talen yes, Kincaid no, Cloud no, Bishop no.:v6te:, sommerseth yes, and Steed no. <br />Niletter Vras i c3 t rf p . I; qe @ c � �colnmtzIdiggi that Robert VanDLac, owner of the <br />building situated.on lots 9 and 10, Gephart'Addition to Edmonds, be not required to <br />connect to the sewer at this time, and that a sewer charge be not assessed until altered <br />i. <br />circus__.. �.__ ... rran� more ff: d" enforcement of'trie" <br />� ���.'T�iia <br />