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1 <br />I I <br />0 <br />i <br />E <br />1 <br />0 <br />IIII�III 367 <br />Telephone participation was worked out to the council's satisfaction. Councilwoman Shippen <br />answered that she felt council should proceed with the PUD and sign the agreement when ready <br />instead of waiting 6 months or more for the court case with General Telephone. It was felt <br />also that by the time that court case ends, the city could very well end up paying more, with <br />outcome of the case being known, and the Attorney advised that this would not jeopardize the <br />case to proceed in this manner.' Holding up the project would do no*good.' Councilman Carns <br />asked for a financial impact statement on this, and for Engineer Larson to reissue a summary <br />sheet and include the latest General Telephone figures, as well as supplying a cash flow <br />schedule. <br />EDMONDS-EVERETT ANIMAL" SHELTER AGREEMENT FOR 1976 <br />Chief Marlo Foster, introduced Debbie Goodell, City of Edmonds Animal Control Officer, for the <br />benefit of anyone who had not met her: 'He .then explained the charges and increases in the City <br />of Everett costs, passed on to the City of Edmonds. Chief Foster noted that'holding pens will <br />be constructed in the City of Edmonds to keep some animals here for a longer period ;and save <br />mileage to Everett .in many cases. In accordance with zoning, he had been adivsed by the City <br />Planning Department that the only area allowing this type of facility would be near the Sewer <br />Treatment Plant, in their opinion. The Chief then recommended that council enter into contract <br />with Everett for 1976. <br />Council felt it would be appropriate to send a notice about the holding pens to the citizens via <br />the water billing, so if a dog is missing, they should first check with the city before going all <br />MOT1ON: the way to the Everett pound. Following some further discussion, A MOTION WAS MADE BY COUNCILMAN <br />NORDQUIST, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN CARNS TO AUTHORIZE THE MAYOR TO SIGN THE CONTRACT AGREEMENT FOR <br />THE ANIMAL SHELTER WITH THE CITY OF EVERETT FOR 1976. MOTION CARRIED: A representative from <br />PAWS was in the audience, and advised council that they will have a south county facility within <br />a year and will accept animals now on an emergency basis. <br />RENEWAL OF CONTRACT WITH JONES & YOUNG'FOR ATTORNEY SERVICES FOR INDIGENT DEFENDANTS <br />M.A.A. Ron Whaley explained the charges and recommended adoption of this contract. A MOTION WAS <br />MOTION: MADE BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN GELLERT TO AUTHORIZE THE MAYOR TO SIGN THE <br />RENEWAL OF THE CONTRACT WITH JONES &,YOUNG•FOR ATTORNEY SERVICES FOR INDIGENT!DEFENDANTS. MOTION <br />CARRIED. Councilman Gellert mentioned the notice from the Association of Washington Cities re- <br />garding the possible move by the Legislature to eliminate municipal courts.. He then MADE THE <br />MOTION: MOTION, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST THAT THE MAYOR OR ATTORNEY WRITE TO OUR SENATOR AND <br />LEGISLATORS OF BOTH THE IST AND 21ST LEGISLATIVE DISTRICTS AND TELL THEM HOW WELL THE CITY OF <br />EDMONDS MUNICIPAL COURT SYSTEM IS WORKING. MOTION CARRIED WITH COUNCILWOMAN SHIPPEN VOTING <br />AGAINST. <br />SET DATE: FOR HEARING ON PLANNING COMMISSION RESOLUTION #491 <br />Mayor Harrison said he thought it would be well to hear this item tonight, since the builders <br />were especially anxious for the outcome.. Council, however, felt for hearing should be <br />MOTION: set, and .the Attorney agreed that this should be done. IT WAS THEREFORE MOVED BY COUNCILMAN <br />GELLERT, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST THAT THE DATE OF JANUARY 6 BE SET FOR HEARING ON <br />PLANNING COMMISSION RESOLTUION 491, RECOMMENDING CHANGE IN SECTION 12.12.030, ALLOWABLE BUILDING <br />VOLUME (CHIMNEYS AND ELEVATOR SHAFTS) AND THAT THE CITY ATTORNEY HAVE AN ORDINANCE READY FOR <br />THAT MEETING. MOTION CARRIED. <br />EVERETT WATER RATE STUDY <br />City Engineer Leif Larson explained about the water rate study, indicating that the Alderwood <br />Water District is being provided water below the City of Everett's supply costs. The Alderwood <br />Water District forwarded the study -to the cities who purchase water from them, requesting that <br />the study be reviewed. Accordingly, Engineer Larson recommended that the council concur and <br />authorize Edmonds' participation in the study in an amount not to exceed $3500, and take this <br />from Water -Sewer Construction fund monies. He said he felt the figures should be analyzed be= <br />fore acceptance. There followed questions from council, answered by.the City Engineer, regarding <br />the funds, water tanks, water purchases; etc. <br />MOTION: A•MOTION WAS MADE BY COUNCILMAN CLEMENT, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN'GELL'ERT TO"AUTHORIZE PARTICIPATION <br />IN THE STUDY AT A MAXIMUM OF $3500, TO BE APPROPRIATED FROM THE WATER -SEWER CONSTRUCTION FUND #412. <br />MOTION CARRIED. <br />There was no further business, and the meeting adjourned at 9:15 P.M. <br />IRENE VARNEY MORAN, Ci Clerk H. H.-HARRISON, Mayor <br />January 6, 1976 <br />[I034W40 A-0 <br />Regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order by Mayor Harve Harrison <br />at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers of the Edmonds Civic Center. All council members <br />were present except Carns, who had.given notice"that he would be out of town and absent <br />from this meeting. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />Minutes of the meeting of December 23 had been posted, mailed and distributed, and with <br />no omissions nor corrections, they were approved as written. <br />