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371 <br />• January 13, 1976 <br />OATHS OF OFFICE <br />Judge Dick Thorpe administered the oath of office to Mayor Harrison, and Councilmen John Nordquist, <br />Philip Clement, Ramon Gould, and Michael Herb. <br />Mayor Harve.Harrison then stated that it was an appropriate time for a few short remarks. He said <br />this is the time to say goodbye to the two members of the city council who have served the city well <br />and have become good friends. "I want to express my appreciation to Natalie and Norma for a job well <br />done, and I wish you both success in your future endeavors. This is also a time to welcome our three <br />new council members, who have great promise for legislative leadership. Joining the council are Tom <br />Carns, a businessman; Mike Herb, a lawyer; and Ray Gould, an engineer. These men will help give the <br />policy making body a broad base of expertise. At this time I would also like to express my appreci- <br />ation to the citizenry for their recent vote of confidence, and I hope the next four years to work <br />cooperatively with the city council and guide the city to an even better environment than now exists <br />at the present time". <br />Mayor Harrison then said he had some gifts to present to former Counilwomen Natalie Shippen and Norma <br />Bruns, and since Natalie was in the audience, he presented her with a plaque of appreciation for ser- <br />vice to the city and her nameplate which had been on the board for the past four years. He had the <br />same gifts for Norma. <br />ROLL CALL <br />The regular work meeting of the Edmonds City Council was then called to order by Mayor Harve Harrison. <br />Roll call showed all council members present. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />• <br />Minutes of the meeting of January 6 had been posted, mailed and distributed. Councilman Anderson <br />asked that on page 1 under council participation, seconded paragraph from the bottom, the discussion <br />on the setback structures should be clarified by referring to LaGracia. Councilman Gellert said he <br />felt that in the Steinman matter, council had agreed with his motion to close off all traffic as an <br />interim stopgap measure, and that they still wished a legal report from the Attorney as had been <br />stated before the motion. Councilman Gellert also noted that on the subject of the 8'/z x 11 paper, <br />he had meant that in addition to using it in the council packets, that all the city use 8y2 x 11 <br />paper on all matters. The minutes were then approved as corrected. <br />APPOINTMENTS TO BOARDS <br />Mayor Harrison made the appointment of Dale Sperry to the Park Board to fill a vacancy. He noted <br />that Mr. Sperry kas a Ballinger resident, lives close to the Ballinger Park, had coached Little <br />League, was interested in all phases of recreation, and was a dental technician by occupation. IT <br />MOTION: <br />WAS MOVED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN aRNS TO CONFIRM THE MAYOR'S APPOINTMENT <br />OF DALE SPERRY TO THE PARK BOARD. MOTION CARRIED. <br />The Mayor appointed Bill Leraas to Position #1 on the Board of Adjustment, noting that Mr. Leraas <br />MOTION: <br />was a 23 year resident of Edmonds and a Bell Telephone employee. COUNCILMAN'ANDERSON MOVED, SECONDED <br />BY COUNCILMAN CLEMENT TO CONFIRM THE MAYOR'S APPOINTMENT OF BILL LERAAS TO THE BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT. <br />MOTION CARRIED. ' <br />Mayor Harrison then reappointed Councilman Anderson to serve on the Disability Board. <br />Councilman Nordquist noted that the Mayor had resubmitted the names of both Councilman Anderson and <br />Nordquist to the Snohomish Health District, and he stated that they both accepted. <br />• <br />COUNCIL PARTICIPATION <br />Councilman Anderson inquired about the 174th Street right-of-way, and City Engineer Leif Larson <br />answered that he would bring in a vacation request to set for hearing, and this item and the circum- <br />stances regarding the Hinton property will be in writing for council and in the mail this weekend. <br />Councilman Anderson stated that he wished to have his memo to the Mayor, dated January 5thl "regarding <br />the department head salaries read for the record. He then read the following; I am not completely <br />comfortable with the formate we wound up using for evaluating exempt salaries for 1976. I reiterate <br />my statement, I would wish input from you and Ron Whaley. In particular, your blanket statement that <br />"all Department Heads are doing quality work, have good work habits and show a concern for good public <br />relations," does not give me the kind of individual narrative evaluation I need to go along with my <br />own evaluation for salary and performance estimation. I realize there are many facets of the functioning <br />of a Department Head besides his work at Council meetings; I need a summary of these aspects of the <br />employee's performance to go along with my own evaluation. <br />I propose that in 1977 the format include written individual narrative on each Department Head from <br />you and the Mayor's Administrative Assistant, to be discussed with the Council, yourself and Ron <br />Whaley, followed by same format to give each Department Head feedback on the decisions for his own <br />benefit as.wbll as that of the City. -Signed, Robert A. Anderson." <br />Councilman Gellert reported that he had read the item in the Western Sun in r%ard to SnoCom/SnoPac. <br />He noted that he and Chief Foster were on the SnoCom board, and that the Board had received a letter <br />from the County Commissioners stating that it was thir intention to withdraw from SnoCom during fiscal <br />1977 if SnoCom and SnoPac are not merged. He noted also that Lynnwood had taken action at their council <br />meeting this week, and felt that Edmonds should write a similar letter,. but couch in cautious terms via <br />the city attorney. There is a single director now for both SnoCom and SnoPac. Following some dis- <br />MOTION: <br />cussion on this matter, IT WAS MOVED BY COUNCILMAN GELLERT, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST TO AUTH- <br />ORIZE THE MAYOR TO WRITE A LETTER TO THE DIRECTOR OF SNOPAC, STATING EDMONDS* INTENTION TO WITHDRAW <br />FROM THE AGENCY IF CONSOLIDATION OF SNOCOM AND SNOPAC IF NOT COMPIE TED BY JANUARY, 1977. MOTION <br />• <br />CARRIED WITH COUNCILMAN GOULD ABSTAINING, AS HE DID NOT FEEL HE HAD ENOUGH INFORMATION ON THE SUBJECT. <br />