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382 <br />MOTION: <br />n <br />u <br />PROPOSED ORDINANCE - AMENDMENT TO SAUNA PARLOR ORDINANCE (FIRST READING <br />Police Chief, Marlo Foster, reported that our neighboring cities have changed their ordinances and some <br />concern has been expressed that we should change ours in order to keep this kind of business out of <br />Edmonds. Councilman Gould said he would like to start from the beginning and have the City Attorney <br />look into what we can and cannot do. Councilman Gellert felt perhaps we should look at the Seattle <br />and King County ordinances with regard to body painting studios with the idea of adding further pro- <br />hibitions. COUNCILMAN'GELLERT MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN HERB TO INSTRUCT THE ATTORNEY TO INVES- <br />TIGATE THE ELIMINATION OF ALL BODY PAINTING. MOTION CARRIED. <br />PROPOSED RESOLUTION SETTING DATE FOR HEARING ON VACATION OF PORTION OF ELM AND FIRST. <br />City Engineer, Leif Larson, said that Dean Nordquist had requested that this matter be continued to <br />MOTION: a later date for business reasons. COUNCILMAN ANDERSON MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST TO <br />PLACE THIS ON THE MARCH 23RD AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. <br />There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 P.M. <br />JZ4"e." nl�� AOL�� - <br />IRENE VARNEY MORAN, gity Clerk <br />February 3, 1976 <br />ROLL CALL <br />r <br />H. UHHAARISO�NMayor <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order by Mayor Harve Harrison at <br />7:30 P..M. in the Council Chambers at the Edmonds Civic Center. All council members were present, <br />except Anderson. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />The minutes of the meeting of January 27th had been posted, mailed and distributed. Councilman Gould <br />said that the "Mrs. Andrey" referred to in the next to the last paragraph on the first page, should be <br />spelled without the "y". Also it was noted that the 5th line concerning the hearing on the Final <br />Assessment Roll - LID 194 should ready "....the ordinance confirming the final assessment roll.", in <br />lieu of "accepting the LID boundaries." The minutes were then approved as corrected. <br />COUNCIL PARTICIPATION <br />1 <br />0 <br />Councilman Carns said that he had attended a recent meeting of the Park Board as liaison, and that <br />at that meeting the Board had expressed a desire to have a joint meeting with the City Council at the <br />MOTION: work meeting on March 9th if possible. They would like some clarification of their roll. COUNCILMAN <br />CARNS THEN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST TO PLACE ON THE AGENDA FOR MARCH 9TH A JOINT MEETING <br />WITH THE PARK BOARD. MOTION CARRIED. <br />Councilman Gellert made reference to a letter from Liberty TV Cable which had been routed to Mayor and <br />Council in which they claim that they have done the work which was agreed to be done for the $.25 increase <br />to their subscribers. He said that they have requested an audience with the Council on the 17th and that <br />MOTION: he did not object to that, but that he would be out of the State on that date. COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST <br />MOVED TO SEND A LETTER TO LIBERTY TV CABLE NOTIFYING THEM THAT IT HAS BEEN PLACED ON THE AGENDA FOR <br />FEBRUARY 24TH FOR ANY INPUT THEY MAY WISH TO GIVE THE COUNCIL. COUNCILMAN CARNS SECONDED THE,MOTION. <br />MOTION CARRIED. <br />At this point, Councilman Clement stated that he would not be present on the 24th of February, nor on • <br />the 2nd of March. <br />Mayor Harrison noted that he had a letter from the City Engineer regarding a subdivision on 84th Avenue <br />West. Mr. Larson said that he believed the developer would be asking for an audience within the next <br />week or so. Councilman Gellert asked if the council could be provided with some information on what <br />is being requested. Joe Wallis, the City Planner, said that this would be contained in the Planning <br />Commission Minutes as it was heard by the Commission last week. <br />AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION <br />John Nielson, 21908 - 76th Avenue West, complained about the lack of parking and the difficulty <br />getting in and out of his driveway on 76th. The City Engineer said thatpart of the problem is the <br />channelization for the light at 220th and an ordinance that eliminated the parking on 76th West. <br />Mr. Callahan, who lives next door to Mr. Nielson, said that he has the same problem. Mr. J. E. Roberts <br />presented some pictures to the council illustrating the problem. <br />CORRESPONDENCE <br />Mayor Harrison read a letter which indicated that the parents of Ballinger..students are very con- <br />cerned about the safety of the over 100 children who must cross 76th Avenue West on their way to <br />and from school. There was a suggesti6n that a pedestrian crossing be located at 228th and 76th <br />to assure the children a safe crossing. They wished notification when this would appear on the <br />MOTION: Council agenda. COUNCILMAN GOULD MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN GELLERT TO HAVE A REPORT ON THE <br />CROSSING AT 228TH AND 76TH AVENUE WEST PLACED AS AN AGENDA ITEM FOR FEBRUARY 24TH, AND TO NOTIFY <br />MRS. GRADWOLD AND MRS. LINDSTROM. MOTION CARRIED. <br />is <br />