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X95 <br />C� <br />1 <br />1 <br />• <br />1 <br />0 <br />PROPOSED ORDINANCE AMENDING MASSAGE PARLOR.ORDINANCE RE/BODY STUDIOS <br />This proposed ordinance came on for.,f-i'-r,st reading with a brief comment by Craigs -Cole saying <br />that he felt the ordinance was unfair. Second reading will be next week. <br />PROPOSED ORDINANCE - AMENDMENT TO REQUIRE ANNUAL BUSINESS LICENSE <br />This matter came up for fitst reading. Mayor Harrison read a letter from Al Kincaid, <br />President of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, stating that t meeting of the Board of Trustees <br />had been held on the 5th of Fevruary concerning this item: The Trustees had suggested a $5.00 <br />annual business license fee, rather than the $5.00 one time only charge. Mr. Kincaid said <br />that it was his personal opinion that a flat $10.00 annual fee should be imposed. Councilman. <br />Herb said that he would favor a flat fee of $10.00 or $15.00, as he felt there were many <br />little businessmen in Edmonds that were struggling along and providing a good service, and <br />that he would not want to burden them with increased fees. Councilman Gould felt that the <br />$10, $25 and $50 was just about right. Councilman Carns said that he is in business in <br />Lynnwood and pays similar fees and he felt that he was paying his fair share of the city <br />services provided to him. Councilman Herb made an inquiry about fire inspection fees. Chief <br />Cooper said fees are not charged for inspections, but that probably what he is refeering to <br />is a $5.00 permit fee for the storage of.flammable substances. <br />STREET USE PERMIT - FREDERICKSON REALTY, MAIN STREET <br />City Engineer, Leif Larson, said that Frederickson has made a request for a sign 4' x 2' <br />which would.project into the right-of-way 3'. The'sign has been.approved by the,Amenities <br />Desing Board, and Mr. Larson recommended approval, subject to Frederickson providing insurance <br />MOTION: holding the city harmless. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED TO APPROVE THE STREET USE PERMIT FOR <br />FREDERICKSON REALTY. THE MOTION WAS SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN ANDERSON AND CARRIED. <br />ADVICE FROM ATTORNEY ON LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS RE/APPLICATION. FOR BUILDING PERMIT-STEINMAN <br />PROPERTY, 172ND STREET S.W. <br />Councilman Gould spoke on this matter and also Attorney Wallace to the effect that Mr. <br />MOTION: Steinman should be .permitted to remove equipment and and machinery.on the property. COUNCIL- <br />MAN GOULD MOVED TO DIRECT THE ATTORNEY TO ADVISE MR. STEINMAN THAT HE MAY REMOVE HIS EQUIPMENT <br />AND MACHINERY FROM THE PROPERTY OT HIS SATISFACTION EVEN THOUGH HE (MR. STEINMAN) HAS MADE <br />NO REQUEST TO REMOVE IT. COUNCILMAN CARNS SECONDED AND THE MOTION WAS CARRIED. 'Deputy City <br />Attorney, John Wallace, then said that fir. Steinman has filed a Claim for Damages relating <br />to this matter, so any further input that he would have, i -n light -of the fact that there is <br />a possibility of litigation pending, would be more appropriate -for an executive session since <br />it would be in the nature of attorney -advice to client. <br />CLAIMS FOR DAMAGES <br />Council then acknowledged, receipt of a Claim for Damages from Merle Steinman. This was refer- <br />red to the City Clerk for processing. It was also noted at this time that.the Council, Mayor <br />and Attorney would retire to the Mayor's Office for an executive session. <br />The meeting was then adjourned at 9:50 P.M. <br />Irene Varney Moran, Cip Clerk <br />March 2, 1976 <br />ROLL CALL <br />H. H. Harrison, Mayor <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order at.7:00 P.M. by Mayor <br />Harrison in the Council Chambers at the Edmonds Civic Center. All council members were present <br />except Gellert and Clement. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />The minutes of..the meeting of February 24th had been posted, mailed and distributed. There <br />were no omissions, nor corrections and the minutes were approved as written. <br />COUNCIL PARTICIPATION <br />Councilman Anderson reminded the council of the luncheon meeting to be held at the Meat <br />Market Restaurant on March 5th at noon. <br />Councilman Gould said that he had received a call from a citizen supporting the'fishing pier. <br />' <br />Mayor Harrison said that he had received a copy of a letter from the Deputy Director of the <br />Department of Fisheries addressed to Gordon Maxwell, Port Commissioner. The Mayor read the <br />letter which advised that the Department of,Fisheries is prepared to contribute financially <br />to the acquisition and/or development of appropriate -parking for fishing pier users. They <br />reserved $27,000 for this purpose. The Deputy Director said that if it is found in the <br />future that the parking cannot be adequately provided for with this amount, they would seek <br />an appropriate increase from the Legislature. Mayor Harrison said that at a recent meeting <br />with the Port, the Port indicated a desire to have the City make an,effort to acquire the <br />parking now. The Mayor felt that the City should attempt to use the $27,000,. and the City <br />should write a letter to the Burlington Northern and ask them for first refusal if the lot <br />at Dayton and Railroad becomes available. Councilman Carns moved that the City ask for first <br />refusal on the Burlington Northern property. Deputy City Attorney,.John Wallace, said that <br />