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412 <br />than single detached houses. Councilman Gellert again voiced his concern on common areas and <br />proper maintenance of these. Councilman Carns said one major .concern was that i:t would allow <br />undevelopable lots of be built upon and a cluster of theree, for example, would then leave un - <br />buildable areas such as a ravine for the open space, and he suggested that council not allow <br />any PRD of less than one acre. Councilman Gould said he would favor larger than one acre <br />minimum size; maybe four acres to start, and then consider a lesser area. Councilman Clement <br />.commented on how differently some plats might have been developed under the PRD concept, and <br />stated that the price mechanism by itself is going to force certain areas; that developers are <br />not going to give away the land. <br />MOTION: COUNCILMAN HERB THEN MADE A MOTION THAT THE PRD ORDINANCE AS DRAFTED BE ADOPTED, WITH THE <br />EXCEPTION THAT THE AMENITIES DESIGN BOARD PROCEDURE BE DELETED. THE MOTION DIED FOR LACK OF A <br />SECOND. <br />MOTION: Following this, IT WAS MOVED BY COUNCILMAN CLEMENT, SECONED BY COUNCILMAN CARNS THAT THE ATTORNEY <br />BE INSTRUCTED TO REDRAFT THE PROPOSED ORDINANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CHANGES: THAT UNDER THE <br />GENERAL DESIGN REQUIREMENTS, A MINIMUM PROVISION MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS OF A SUBDIVISION IN THE <br />ZONE BE APPLIED: THAT A PRD CANNOT BE APPLIED IN A SHORT SUBDIVISION SITUATION: THAT IN SECTION <br />. (4), THAT IT BE SPECIFIED THAT 20% OF THE NET DEVELOPABLE LAND BE OPEN SPACE AND IN <br />THE SAME SUBSECTION, 7 (a) BE DELETED: AND THAT THE ATTORNEY FIND AN APPROPRIATE DICTION TO <br />ENUNCIATE THE CITY'S POWER TO EITHER REVIEW OR REQUIRE SUFFICIENT MAINTENANCE OF COMMON SPACE. <br />COUNCILMAN GOULD THEN MOVED TO AMEND THE MOTION, TO STATE THAT THE PROPOSED CHANGES BE MODIFIED <br />TO STRIKE THE MINIMUM LOT SIZE, AND THE PRD ONLY APPLY TO LOT SIZES OF 3 ACRES OR LARGER. THERE <br />WAS NO SECOND TO THIS AMENDMENT, AND THE ORIGINAL MOTION THEN CARRIED. <br />PROPOSED LEASEHOLD ORDINANCE <br />1 <br />The proposed leasehold ordinance, which the attorney had presented at the March 23 council meeting, <br />would impose a leasehold excise tax from and after January 1, 1976, pursuant to Chapter 61, Laws of • <br />1975-76 Second Extraordinary session, Laws of the State of Washington. A MOTION WAS MADE BY COUNCIL- <br />MAN HERB THAT PROPOSED ORDINANCE #1833 BE PASSED, AND AUTHORIZE THE MAYOR PRO TEM TO SIGN THE AGREE- <br />MENT WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE. MOTION CARRIED. <br />PREPAYMENT ORDINANCE - LID 193 <br />MOTION:. The prepayment ordinance for LID 193 was presented by the Attorney, and IT WAS MOVED BY COUNCILMAN <br />GELLERT, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN CARNS THAT PROPOSED ORDINANCE #1834 BE PASSED, CASH PREPAYMENT PERIOD <br />EXPIRATION FOR LID 193, AND THE MOTION CARRIED. <br />There was no further business on the council agenda, and the.meeting was adjourned at 11:25 P.M. <br />IR E VARNEY MORAN4 City Clerk H. H. HARRISON, Mayor <br />April 13, 1976 <br />ROLL CALL <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by Mayor Harve <br />Harrison in the Council Chambers of the Edmonds. Civic Center, with all councilmen present except <br />Anderson, who was attending a seminar in Oregon. <br />APPROVAL -OF MINUTES <br />Minutes of teh regular meeting of April 6 had been posted, mailed and distributed, and Councilman <br />Gellert commented that at the bottom of page 1, Councilman Nordquist's motion should have the word • <br />"attempt' inserted before 'to resolve the problem in 2 weeks'. Minutes were then approved as <br />amended. <br />COUNCIL PARTICIPATION <br />Councilman Gellert inquired as to what legally do tree cutting restrictions on a plat mean? It <br />was noted that there was no "legal" meaning as such; that the city has had a policy to retrict <br />cutting of trees by the developer, and try to reach an agreement as to which trees can be saved, <br />which will be topped or limbed, etc. This is designed to prevent scalping of lots by the builder, <br />which makes building the homes easier. However, this tree cutting restriction is only until such <br />time as the property is sold. <br />Councilman Clement asked M.A.A. Whaley about the present status of the CETA employees. Mr. Whaley <br />reported that tomorrow, April 14, at 10:30 A.M. the outcome will be known. <br />Councilman Gould advised council that at the March 30 work meeting, Councilman Carns had been <br />selected to serve on the committee of elected officials of the ciW es involved under Public Law <br />92-500, the plan for secondary sewer treatment, and that since that time he and Councilman Carns had <br />discussed this, and were in agreement that since Councilman Gould had a great deal of interest in <br />this, he would like to volunteer to serve. Councilman Carns therefore will be replaced by Council- <br />man Gould. <br />Mayor Harrison reported that the Civil Service Commission had brought to his attention that they <br />would like to appoint their own secretary. The work load has become too heavy for a full time <br />city employee to -devote this much time to Civil Service duties. The Mayor stated that he felt it <br />was to the city's advantage to let the Commission appoint its own secretary, and it would mean <br />appropriationg about $1500 for the balance -of the year to fund this -and cover other expenses. A <br />secretary would be paid $4.50 per hour, with no fringe benefits. A MOTION WAS THEN MADE BY COUNCIL- <br />MAN GOULD THAT AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $1500 BE TRANSFERRED FROM THE CONTINGENCY FUND TO THE CIVIL <br />n <br />u <br />