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• January 9, 1979 - continued <br />EDMONDS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL <br />MOTION: <br />MOTION: <br />1 <br />40 <br />1 <br />31.5 <br />Financial impact data regarding acquisition of the Edmonds E.l.emen.tary School was reviewed. It was also <br />suggested that a committee of Council members and Staff oversee the development program of <br />the facility, and -this met Council approval. COUNCILMAN NAUGHTEN.MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN CLEMENT, <br />THAT FEBRUARY 13, 1979 BE SCHEDULED FOR A REVIEW OF A BOND ISSUE AND PLAN FOR THE EDMONDS ELEMENTARY <br />SCHOOL. MOTION CARRIED. COUNCILMAN CLEMENT THEN MOVED,,SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN GOULD, THAT THE CITY <br />ATTORNEY BE INSTRUCTED TO DRAFT AN ORDINANCE, AND THE RESULTING STAFF WORK BE ACCOMPLISHED, TO ACQUIRE <br />THE EDMONDS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WITH COUNCILMANIC BONDS IN THE.AMOUNT OF $612,000, AND NECESSARY BUDGET <br />ADJUSTMENTS BE MADE FOR PER THE JANUARY 3,. 1979 REVISED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL IMPACT DATA RE ACQUISITION <br />OF THE EDMONDS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, EXCEPT THAT THE $12,000 SHOWN IN ITEM C FOR ADMINISTRATION, CLERICAL, <br />AND OVERHEAD BE ALLOCATED TO THE COUNCIL CONTINGENCY FUND; FURTHER, THAT THE UTILITY TAX INCREASE OF 3/4 <br />OF 1%, TO 6 3/4%, BE INITIATED AND_THAT.NO MORE THAN THE AMOUNT NECESSARY TO SERVICE THE $612,000 OF <br />BONDS FROM THE UTILITY TAX INCREASE BE.PLEDGED TO THAT PROCESS. MOTION CARRIED. Council members <br />appointed to serve on the Council/Staff committee were and Councilwoman Allen, with <br />Councilmen Clement, Nordquist, and Naughten as alternates. Other members of the committee will be the <br />Mayor (Chairman), Mayor Pro tem, Public Works Director, Community Development Director, and the Manager <br />of Parks and Recreation Division. <br />REPORT.;.ON DRAINAGE PLAN FOR 7TH AND ELM <br />This report resulted from an.investigati.on of a drainage problem stated by John Claus of 1137 7th Ave. S. <br />City Engineer Fred Herzberg reviewed the runoff situation in the;area and explained the options which <br />would be to take the water from one drainage basin and to put it into another. Mr. Herzberg said his <br />report was not a detailed engineeringreport and that a storm water engineer would be working on the <br />problem in the future, according to priority. He said the problem was not serious enough to hold back <br />any development in the area and the Engineering Department will have a study prepared for budgeting next <br />fall. A response will be sent to Mr. Claus. <br />Mayor Harrison announced there would be an Executive Session following this meeting to.discuss a property <br />sale offer and labor negotiations report. There was no further business to come before the Council, and <br />the meeting adjourned to -Executive Session at 8:50 p.m. <br />IRENE*.VARNEY MORAN, C4ty Clerk <br />January 16, 1979 <br />HARVE H. HARRISON, Mayor <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Pro tem <br />Ray Gould in the Council Chambers of the Edmonds Civic Center. Mayor Harrison arrived during discus- <br />sion of the Consent Agenda and conducted the balance of the meeting. All present joined in the flag <br />salute. <br />PRESENT <br />Harve Harrison,. Mayor <br />Mike Herb <br />Phil Clement <br />Katherine Allen <br />John Nordquist <br />Ray Gould <br />Larry Naughten <br />Tom Carns <br />CONSENT.AGENDA <br />STAFF PRESENT <br />Charles Dibble, M.A.A. <br />Leif Larson, Public Works -Director <br />John LaTourelle, Community Development Director <br />Irene Varney Moran, City Clerk <br />Marlo Foster, Police Chief <br />Jack Cooper, Fire Chief <br />John Wallace, City.Attorney <br />Jackie Parrett, Deputy City Clerk <br />Items (F), (I), and (J) were removed from the Consent Agenda. Iters (F), Authorization to Exchange <br />Easement on Narveson Property for Relocated Sanitary Sewer, was withdrawn at the request of the <br />MOTION: Staff to be rescheduled at a later date. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN, TO <br />APPROVE THE BALANCE OF THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. The balance of the Consent Agenda <br />included the following: <br />(A) Roll call. <br />.(B) Approval of Minutes of January 9, 1979. <br />(C) Approval of Final Plat of Irish Acres. <br />(D) Approval of Cabaret Dance License for Parlor Car.Tavern for 60 -day trial period. <br />(E) Report on Bids opened December 27, 1978 for Street,Sweeper and award to low bidder, <br />Southpark Industries, in the.amount of $44,126.76, including sales tax. <br />(G) Acceptance of Quit Claim Deed in conjunction with.short.subdivision-.:Nied&.hauser (File <br />S-48-78) <br />0 (H) Petition for removal of speed bumps on 75th P1. W. <br />