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• <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />3411 <br />March 27, 1979 <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Mayor Harve Harrison <br />in the Council Chambers of the Edmonds Civic Center. All present joined in the flag salute. <br />PRESENT <br />Harve Harrison, Mayor <br />Mike Herb <br />Phil Clement <br />Katherine Allen <br />John Nordquist <br />Ray Gould <br />Tom Carns <br />Larry Naughten <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />STAFF PRESENT <br />Charles Dibble, M.A.A. <br />Leif Larson, Public Works Director <br />John.LaTourelle, Community Devel. Dir. <br />Irene Varney Moran, City Clerk <br />Fred Herzberg, City Engineer <br />Mary Lou Block, Assistant City Planner <br />Jack Weinz, Assistant Fire Chief <br />Wayne Tanaka, City Attorney <br />Jackie Parrett, Deputy City Clerk <br />MOTION: Items (C) and (H) were removed from the Consent Agenda. COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST MOVED, SECONDED BY COUN- <br />CILMAN CARNS, TO APPROVE THE BALANCE OF THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. The balance of the Consent <br />Agenda included the following: <br />• MOTION: <br />(A) Roll call. <br />(B) Approval of Minutes of March.20, 1979. <br />(D) Setting date of April 3, 1979 for hearing Conditional Use Permit application for church and <br />gymnasium at 7th Ave. N. and Aloha St. (File CU -2-79) <br />(E). Setting date of April 17, 1979 for hearing to prohibit parking on 80th P1. W. from 212th S.W. <br />to 750' north. <br />(F) Setting date of April 17, 1979 for hearing to amend Zoning Code and Sigh Code to add RRB Zone <br />and delete RMD Zone. (File ZO-1-79) <br />(G) Passage of Resolution 430, setting date of April 24, 1979 for hearing on petition for street <br />vacation of portion of 75th Ave. W., adjacent and abutting Lots 1-10, Block 59, Meadowdale <br />Beach; also, portion.of North Meadowdale Rd. lying adjacent and abutting Lots 1 and 2, Block <br />59, Meadowdale Beach, lying between said 75th Ave. W. and 75th P1. W. (File ST -1-79) <br />(I) Acknowledgment of receipt of claim for damages from Rea J. Hanning in the amount of $3,297.99. <br />(J) Acceptance of Water Main Replacement and Installation by Buno Construction, Phase IV, Schedule <br />F, and establish 30 -day lien period. <br />ACKNOWLEDGMENT -OF RECEIPT OF PETITION FOR STREET LID CYPRUS PL. [Item (C) on Consent Agenda] <br />Councilman Nordquist requested that in the future plot plans furnished have a better orientation, as the <br />one furnished for this item had nothing to indicate where it is located or even which direction was <br />north. Councilman Carns stated that Van S. McKenny of 8025 Cyprus P1. had asked to speak on this matter. <br />Mr. McKenny stated that the proposed street would cross his property. He said the owner of the property <br />to be developed certainly had the right to develop his property, but not by crossing Mr. McKenny's <br />property. He was advised that all that was being done this evening was to acknowledge receipt of the <br />petition and that he would be notified when it was placed on an agenda for hearing. COUNCILMAN CARNS <br />MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST,.TO APPROVE ITEM (C) ON THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. <br />RE -AWARD CONTRACT, SOUTH COUNTY SENIOR,CENTER ROOFING PROJECT [Item (H) on Consent Agenda] <br />Councilman Carns expressed concern with the acceptance of personal checks with bids instead of bid bonds <br />or certified.checks. Personal checks had been accepted with these bids and the low bidder had later <br />withdrawn his bid. Councilman Carns noted that he could stop his check or there was always the.possibility <br />MOTION: of insufficient.funds. He felt this should be a topic of discussion. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED, SECONDED <br />BY COUNCILMAN.NORDQUIST, THAT THE ISSUE OF BID BONDS BE SCHEDULED FOR DISCUSSION MAY 8, 1979. MOTION <br />CARRIED. <br />COUNCIL <br />Councilman Nordquist said he had.received a telephone call from a party who was concerned about the 196th St <br />improvement. He said it appeared that the State now intended putting sidewalks on both sides <br />-of Caspers St.,..contrary to the Council's direction. He asked that they stake where the sidewalks <br />are intended when they do the otherstakingfor the examine. Public Works Director Leif <br />Larson said he -would be there to examine the staking with the Council at 6:30 p.m., April 3, 1979, <br />just prior to.the Council meeting. <br />Councilman.Nordquist noted that at last week's Board of Adjustment meeting there was a hearing on a <br />waterfront proposal having to do with joint use parking and there had been a lot ofinput received. <br />He suggested the Council members take note of that item in the minutes and also listen to the tapes <br />if possible. <br />Councilman Gould advised that an announcement would be made next week regarding the selection of an <br />architect.for the rehabilitation of the Edmonds Elementary.School and that the architect would be <br />invited to participate in the Port Ludlow retreat. <br />Councilman Gould also commented on a planning conference to be held in Spokane in May at which three <br />• items would be discussed which may be of interest to City of Edmonds participants. A tour of the <br />