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• May 22, 1979 <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Harve <br />Harrison in the Council Chambers :of the Edmonds Civic Center... All present joined in the flag salute. <br />PRESENT. .ABSENT STAFF PRESENT <br />Harve Harrison, Mayor Katherine Allen Charles. Dibble, M.A.A. <br />Mike Herb Leif Larson, Public Works Director <br />John Nordquist John-LaTourelle, Community Devel. Dir. <br />Ray Gould Mary Lou Block, Asst. City Planner <br />Tom Carns Irene Varney Moran, City*Clerk <br />Larry Naughten Art Housler, Finance Director <br />Fred Herzberg, City Engineer <br />Dan Prinz, Asst. Police Chief <br />Jim Jessel,,Parks & Recreation Manager <br />Wayne Tanaka, City.Attorney <br />Jackie Parrett, Deputy City Clerk <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />MOTION: Items (D) and (E) were removed from the Consent Agenda. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN <br />GOULD, TO APPROVE THE BALANCE OF THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. The approved portion of the <br />-Consent Agenda included the following: <br />(A) Roll call. <br />• (B) Approval of Minutes of May.15, 1979. <br />(C) Acknowledgment of receipt of Claim for Damages from Michael W. Medin in <br />the amount of $57.44. <br />(F) Passage of Resolution 439, setting June 19, 1979 as hearing date on <br />petition to vacate a portion of Dayton St., east of.9th Ave. S. (ST -6-79) <br />PROPOSED ORDINANCE TO REDUCE SPEED LIMIT FROM 35 MPH TO 25 MPH ON PORTION OF 5TH AVE. S. [Item (D) <br />on Consent Agenda <br />The section of 5th Ave. S. proposed for reduction of speed was from the 500 block to the intersection <br />of SR104. Councilman Carns requested an explanation. Assistant Police Chief Dan Prinz responded <br />that there is a large amount of congestion in the area because of new construction and a lot of <br />vehicles are parking on the street. He said there.had been an increase in accidents and complaints, <br />including a fatal accident about a month ago and a pedestrian.accident recently. There also had <br />been a large incidence of traffic in excess of 35 mph. Councilman Nordquist felt the proposed <br />ordinance was unclear as to the included, and he suggested that it be indicated that <br />MOTION: Westgate will be the termination point.. COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST.THEN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN <br />CARNS', TO APPROVE ITEM (D) ON .THE CONSENT AGENDA, ADOPTING ORDINANCE 2070, REDUCING THE SPEED LIMIT <br />FROM 35 MPH TO 25 MPH ON A PORTION OF 5TH AVE. S., WITH THE INSERTION OF THE WORDS "WESTGATE AREA" <br />AT THE END OF SECTION 2, SO THAT THE AREA AFFECTED IS DESCRIBED AS "STATE HIGHWAY NO. 104 (EDMONDS <br />WAY) FROM SOUTH END 5TH AVE. S. TO SE CITY LIMITS (WESTGATE AREA)." MOTION CARRIED. <br />PROPOSED RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING EXECUTION .OF BUILDING AND/OR LAND USE AGREEMENTS [Item (E) on Consent <br />Agen a <br />Councilman Herb stated that he is on the Board of Directors of Work Opportunities, a tenant of the <br />Frances E. Anderson Cultural and Leisure Center, and although he would not participate in discussion <br />on this because of a possible conflict of interest, he wanted to bring to the Council's attention <br />the fact that such nonprofit organizations use the facility and to suggest that there be a differential <br />in rates for such organizations. He noted that having. Work Opportunities as a tenant presents an <br />argument for the City in obtaining grants because it helps the handicapped. Parks and Recreation <br />Manager Jim Jessel responded that the proposed lease format would not be used for Work Opportunities, <br />as that organization would-be included.with contracts approved by the City Council, and -the proposed <br />lease format would be used for -only -short-term tenants. He was asked whether damage deposits are <br />included when facilities are rented and he responded that.buildings have $50 damage deposits. <br />MOTION: COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST, TO APPROVE ITEM (E) ON THE CONSENT AGENDA, <br />PASSING RESOLUTION 438. MOTION CARRIED. <br />COUNCIL <br />Councilman Gould brought up for discussion the Council position vacated by Councilman Clement. <br />MOTION: After some discussion as to procedure for fillingthe Position,COUNCILMAN <br />DED Y <br />COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST, TO DECLARE-A.000NCIL POSITON VAANCY AND TOASKFOR APPLICATIONS FROM NPARTIES <br />INTERESTED IN FILLING THE POSITION, SUCH APPLICATIONS TO,BE.RECEIVED.BY THE CITY CLERK BY 5:00 P.M., <br />MAY 31, 1979; APPOINTMENTS TO INTERVIEW.APPLICANTS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 1, 1979; AND THE <br />APPOINTMENT TO FILL THE VACANT POSITION WILL BE MADE AT THE COUNCIL MEETING OF JUNE 5, 1979. It was <br />agreed that the secret ballot method.would be used at the Council meeting to select the new Council <br />member: Further, it was agreed that this matter will be placed on the agenda following the scheduled <br />Drainage Plan hearing. It was requested that packets with..copies of the applications be delivered <br />to Council members on the evening of May 31, 1979. THE MOTION.CARRIED. <br />Councilman Carns said he had recei.ved.a telephone call on Sunday from Shirley Dunphy regarding some <br />tree cutting at 7th and Elm, and.he said it had been his.understanding that there would be no more <br />tree cutting there. He read from:the November 21, 1978'motion regarding the Elm St. Reservoir <br />Development Plan, which stated in part that ". . . all vegetation outside the development ring will <br />be,it-.js:".° He -noted that the trees now planned to be cut were outside of that development <br />• ring. Councilman Gould noted that there was a discussion in January regarding tree cutting for <br />