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• <br />47 1_ <br />January 8,.1980 - (Work Meeting) <br />1 <br />1 <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds, City Council order at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the <br />Edmonds Civic Center. All present.joined in the flag salute. COUNCILMAN CARNS.MOVED., SECONDED BY <br />MOTION: COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN,.TO NOMINATE COUNCILMAN.NORDQUIST TO.THE.NEW.OFFICE OF COUNCIL PRESIDENT. MOTION <br />CARRIED. Council President Nordquist..conducted.the meeting,until the arrival of'the..Mayor shortly <br />after the commencement of the meeting. <br />PRESENT <br />Harve.Harrison., Mayor <br />Jo -Anne Childers <br />Bill Kasper <br />Katherine Allen <br />John Nordquist <br />Tom Carns <br />Larry Naughten <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />ABSENT <br />STAFF PRESENT <br />Ray Gould Fred Herzberg,.Public Works Director <br />Irene.Varney.Moran, City Clerk <br />Marlo Foster, Pol-ice Chief <br />Jack Weinz;.Fire Chief <br />Mary Lou.Block, Act. Plan Div. Mgr. <br />Harry Whitcutt,.Building Official <br />Jim Murphy, City Attorney <br />Wayne Tanaka, City Attorney <br />Jackie Parrett, Deputy City Clerk <br />Items..(C), (D), (E), (G), (H), (I), and.(L) were.removed from the.Consent Agenda. COUNCILMAN CARNS <br />MOTION: MOVED, SECONDED.BY.000NCILMAN NAUGHTEN, TO APPROVE THE BALANCE OF THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. <br />The approved items on the Consent.Agenda included the following: <br />(A).. Roll. call. <br />• (B) Approval of Minutes of.December.18, 1979. <br />(F) Passage of Resolution"455.regarding Esperance/Olympic View area. <br />(J) Update report on handling and storage of hazardous.materials in.downtown <br />Edmonds. <br />(K) Acknowledgment of receipt of.Claims.for Damages from Leigh Ann Lindelof in the amount of <br />$132 and from Arnold Larson in .the amount of $12,440. <br />(M) Authorization to grant Quit Claim Deed - Bill Blume, Inc. <br />(N). Acceptance of repainting of 1.5 million gallon water tank. <br />SETTING.DATE OF JANUARY 15, 1980 FOR.HEARINGS ON P.C. RESOLUTIONS 640, 641, AND 642 [Items (C), (D), <br />and E., respectively, Consent Agenda <br />on <br />Councilman Naughten was concerned that the agenda for January 15 was being overloaded with hearings <br />and he asked if these should be set for another date. Discussion revealed that the matters sheduled <br />generally were not controversial_ and were not expected to .be lengthy. Public Works Director Fred <br />Herzberg advised that the report from the Health District regarding.the Meadowdale area would not be <br />ready for.that meeting as it was scheduled, so that item removed from the.agenda. COUNCIL - <br />MOTION: <br />MAN NAUGHTEN THEN MOVED,.SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN CARNS, TO APPROVE, ITEMS (C), (D), AND (E) ON THE <br />CONSENT,AGENDA,SETTING DATE OF JANUARY 15,..1980 FOR HEARINGS AS FOLLOWS: (C), HEARING ON P.C. <br />RESOLUTION 640,:AMENDING OFFICIAL ZONING MAP TO DESIGNATE AS CG AREA SOUTH OF 210TH, NORTH OF 212TH, <br />EAST OF 74TH,.AND WEST OF HIGHWAY 99 (FILE R-8-79); (D), HEARING ON P.C.. RESOLUTION 641, AMENDING <br />OFFICIAL ZONING MAP TO DESIGNATE AS RS-8 AREA KNOWN AS NORTHWEST TRACTION COMPANY RIGHT-OF-WAY (FILE <br />R-10-79); AND (E), HEARING ON P.C. RESOLUTION 642, AMENDING OFFICIAL ZONING MAP TO DESIGNATE AS RS- <br />• <br />12 AREA.BOUNDED ON EAST BY LAKE BALLINGER, WEST BY 74TH AVE. W.,, AND NORTH BY BALLINGER PARK GOLF <br />COURSE, AND.ACROSS FROM 23510 74TH AVE..W. .(FILE R-9-79) . .MOTION CARRIED. . <br />PROPOSED..RESOLUTION COMMENDING ROBERT.PANTLEY [Item (G) on Consent Agenda] <br />Councilman.Nordquist noted that there had been some concern.about the completion of the transfer of <br />property paperwork in time to meet Mr. Pantley's needs and.he asked if this had been accomplished. <br />MOTION: He was told..that it had. COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST THEN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN CARNS, TO APPROVED <br />ITEM (G) ON THE CONSENT AGENDA, PASSING RESOLUTION 456, COMMENDING ROBERT PANTLEY FOR HIS GIFT TO <br />THE CITY OF -PROPERTY. MOTION CARRIED. <br />PROPOSED.RESOLUT.ION REGARDING POLICY.FOR-VACATION OF PROPERTY [Item (H) on Consent Agenda] <br />Councilman Kasper asked if there are any problems when streets are vacated and moved over, as to its <br />being equitable. City Attorney Wayne Tanaka responded that the property would have to be appraised <br />and abutting owners on each side would have to pay up to one-half of the appraised value. This was <br />MOTION: discussed -briefly, following which COUNCILMAN KASPER MOVED,.SECONDED.BY. COUNCILMAN NAUGHTEN, TO <br />APPROVE::ITEM (H) ON THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. Councilman Kasper abstained from voting <br />on the motion, as he previously had abstained on voting regarding vacation of property policy, <br /> is involved in a property vacation matter. <br />* <br />PROPOSED ORDINANCE ADOPTING STATE.STATUTE RE DRUNK DRIVING .[Item (L) on Consent Agenda] <br />This proposed ordinance was to adopt the -State statute, but eliminated the provisions .of the new law <br />requiring mandatory jail time upon conviction. It would .impose the existing penalty section of the <br />City.Code.which al.lows jail time of.up to 90_days to be the discretion of the Court. <br />Councilman Naughten asked what was -the rationale of this proposal.. Police Chief Marlo Foster responded <br />that jail limited and he.i�iould rather let the Judge...use:his discretionary powers to determine <br />who should be sent to jail. Further, that the Judge feels there are some cases in which it would do <br />no good to put the person in jail, and Chief Foster supported that position. Councilman Carns said <br />• *See 1-15-80 Minutes for correction to include Item (I) which was omitted. <br />