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476 <br />January 15, 1980 - continued <br />• <br />OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA. MOTION CARRIED. Councilman Carns then said he would like to change his vote <br />on his motion to vote "NO" on the prevailing side so he can bring the matter up again. He was <br />advised by Mr. Wallace that he could not do'that since another motion.had been acted on after his <br />motion. <br />HEARING ON PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT.'ROLL, RESOLUTION OF.INTENTION:2535 PROPOSED WATER <br />AND SEWER LID; VICINITY OF'208TH & 76TH. <br />City Engineer Jim Adams reviewed the LID'and City Attorney John Wallace explained the financing. <br />The water line.on 210th St. S.W. and 70th Ave. W. is a 4" steel line which is inadequate and in need. <br />of improvement. It was the -intent to replace this line with an.8" line .and install sanitary sewers <br />to serve the area. A number of people in the audience asked questions and. .then the public hearing <br />was opened. Donald.Dr.iscoll of 7115 210th S.W. said he did not understand the assumption that <br />because sewers were.going-in the water line should be improved just because the street was torn up, <br />and he felt a lot of people were being asked to pay for something that will benefit only a few. He <br />had with his septic tank or with water service. He asked about the right of <br />protest. Mr. Wallace advised that this was an LID by resolution and that there was a right of <br />protest except for certain items. He stated that -to exercise the:night-of protest it is required <br />that owners of property who will pay 60% of the assessments must -file a protest with the City within <br />30 days, and he cautioned that that was not 60% of the residents, so the owner of one huge piece of <br />property could_..stop the protest. He advised that a protest should be filed with the City Clerk. <br />Sandy.Dern of 7805 173rd S.W., owner of,property at 7122 210th S.W.., said their property was purchased <br />last March, but they had not been notified of this.evening's meeting and they had not received an <br />LID notice,.but she had received a telephone call from the-Engineerin,g Division, so they were aware <br />that she was a property owner. She was advised. that the Engineer would talk to her individually <br />after the meeting.. Douglas Willard of 7330'208th S.W. said he had experienced no problems with <br />water or with his septic tank. He asked why.he hadn't been able to vote on being annexed to the <br />City and whether the petition had been in terms of populace or otherwise. The annexation process <br />was explained to him and he was told there is an election method, but in this case it was not <br />done by election.but by petition. Edward Reich of 7316 210th S.W.'asked about deferring the payment <br />of the assessment if.the property owners were over 65. Mr. Wallace explained that there is a provision <br />that assessments could be deferred until the end of the payment period. Mr. Reich asked that the <br />payment extended to help people on fixed incomes and of low income. Joe McIntyre of 7030 <br />210th S.W. said he .was one of the three.people who.collected signatures on this and when he was <br />gathering signatures the people were aware.'of the costs and they thought they also would have to <br />assume the City's indebtedness, but the Council did not require that. He .added that 75% signed and <br />if anyone was missed that still couldn't be changed. Martin Bahr of 20904 74th W. asked that payments <br />be spread out as far as po"ssible, and he asked for an explanation of of ,the procedure, <br />MOTION: whi Eli Rr: ' Wa1l'ace gave." The' public` portion of the, heari ng then was : closed. COUNCILMAN CARNS' MOVED, <br />SECONDED BY COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN, TO ADOPT ORDINANCE 2111 TO ESTABLISH LID-206, WITH THE FOLLOWING <br />CHANGES ON PAGE 4: IN THE FOURTH LINE, "10" EQUAL ANNUAL INSTALLMENTS SHOULD BE CHANGED TO 1125," <br />AND IN THE SEVENTH LINE, "12" YEARS SHOULD'BE CHANGED TO'"27" YEARS. Councilman Carns added that <br />sanitary sewers are..necessary, allowing the payments to come in over 25 years it will be less <br />difficult to pay. THE MOTION THEN CARRIED. <br />HEARING ON P.C. RESOLUTION 640, AMENDING OFFICIAL ZONING MAP TO DESIGNATE AS CG THE <br />Acting'Planning Division Manager Mary Lou Block said this property was recently annexed to the City <br />and must be given a zoning designation. It had been GC in the County and she recommended the most <br />similar City designation be given it, which is CG. She said that is consistent with some of the <br />existing land uses of the area; it*is consistent with the existing land use and zoning of property <br />to the south and east; zoning to the north and west is multiple.residential and will act as a transi- <br />tion zone between this site and single family zoning; the value of .the property will not be diminished <br />in any way; the proposed zoning does not preclude the reasonable use of the property; <br />must be given an.Edmonds City zoning designation for proper administration; no hardship will. be <br />imposed on.the.individual property owners; and there will be no substantial adverse environmental <br />impacts as a result of this action. The public portion of the hearing was opened. Sandy Dern of <br />7805 173rd S.W., owner of property at 7122 210th S.W., said they had purchased the March <br />as GC and they would .like to see it stay with that zoning. Edward Reich of 7316 210th S.W. concurred <br />with Mrs.-Dern'-s comment. The public portion of the hearing was then closed. COUNCILMAN CARNS <br />MOTION: MOVED, -SECONDED BY.000NCILMAN KASPER, TO ADOPT ORDINANCE 2112, PURSUANT TO P.C. RESOLUTION 640. <br />MOTION CARRIED. <br />COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN, THAT AGENDA ITEMS BAND 9.(R-10-79 AND R-9- <br />79) BE HEARD TOGETHER. MOTION CARRIED. <br />HEARING ON P.C: RESOLUTION 641, AMENDING OFFICIAL'ZONING MAP TO DESIGNATE AS RS-8 THE <br />AREA KNOWN AS NORTHWEST'TRACTION'CO: RIGHT-OF-WAY. R-10-79 <br />HEARING ON P..C. RESOLUTION 642, AMENDING OFFICIAL ZONING`MAP TO DESIGNATE AS RSW-12 <br />THE AREA BOUNDED ON THE EAST BY LAKE BALLINGER, THE WEST BY 74TH AVE. W., THE NORTH <br />BY BALLINGER PARK GOLF COURSE, AND ACROSS FROM 23510 74TH AVE W.. R-9-79 <br />These properties also recently were annexed to the City and had no zoning classifications prior to <br />annexation. The property in R-10-79 currently is being used as a street, known as 74th Ave. W., and <br /> is to zone streets to match the adjacent property. Ms. Block recommended approval -of <br />zoning this property as RS-8 because it was consistent with the Edmonds Policy Plan, it was -con- <br />sistent with the existing land use of the site; it was consistent with the existing land use and <br />zoning of adjacent properties; the value of the property would diminished; the proposed <br />zoning did not preclude reasonable use of the property; there would be no substantial adverse <br />environmental impacts from the rezone action; and the property currently was under no zoning <br />1 <br />is <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />