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• <br />January 29, 1980 - continued <br />1 <br />1 <br />MOTION: the.ordinance could be changed. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED,.SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NAUGHTEN,.TO APPROVE <br />ITEM (E) ON THE CONSENT AGENDA, PASSING ORDINANCE 2115 WHICH ADOPTS THE.STATE STATUTE REGARDING <br />DRUNK DRIVING, BUT ALLOWS THE COURT-DISCRET'ION:TO'-DEFER THE MANDATORY JAIL SENTENCE UNDER EXTRAORDINARY <br />CIRCUMSTANCES.. MOTION CARRIED, WITH COUNCILMAN GOULD VOTING NO. <br />APPROVAL.OF.,PARK BOARD RECOMMENDATION TO INCREASE PARK.AND RECREATION FEES FEBRUARY 1, 1980 <br />Councilman Carns referred to the garden patch activity, noting.that the garden patches are available <br />for the use of City of Edmonds residents only. He asked if all of the available patches had been <br /> recent years, and Parks and Recreation Division Manager Jim Jessel responded that they <br />had. Councilman Carns suggested that if they were not all used by a certain date then people outside <br />the City be permitted to use them .so they would not go to waste. Councilman Carns commended Mr. <br />MOTION: Jessel for..his.success in management of the recreation facilities. COUNCILMAN CARNS <br />MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN GOULD,: TO APPROVE ITEM (F) ON -THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. <br />MAYOR <br />Mayor Harrison advised that Building.Official Harry.Whitcutt.had.given notice of retirement on <br />February..15, and Mayor Harrison made a recommendation for reorganization of that division., giving it <br />MOTION: the function of implementing the one -stop permit system. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED, SECONDED BY <br />COUNCILWOMAN.ALLEN, THAT THE MAYOR'S OFFICE PUT ITS RECOMMENDATION FOR THE REORGANIZATION OF THE <br />BUILDING DIVISION IN WRITING AND REFER IT TO THE PERSONNEL COMMITTEE FOR ACTION. It was suggested <br />that the possibility of putting the Building Offical inspections under the Fire Chief be explored. <br />THE MOTION CARRIED. <br />COUNCIL <br />Councilman Gould referred to a letter from Val Rupeiks recommending the topping of some trees in the <br />H. O.-Hutt Park which were left unprotected after other trees.were removed from some adjacent private <br />property, and he noted that these are very large and very special.trees. Public Works Director Fred <br />Herzberg stated that the trees had been looked at this date was determined that the only way <br />they were likely to go down would be if heavy winds were to follow a deep frost and thaw, and if <br />they were to go down the direction they would take would not harm anyone else's property. There was <br /> top them because that..would increase the possibility of disease. <br />Councilman Gou.ld.noted that the Council had been provided.a.proposed ordinance creating the position <br />MOTION: of Council President. COUNCILMAN GOULD.MOVED, SECONDED BY.000NCILMAN CARNS, TO ADOPT ORDINANCE <br />2116, CREATING THE.POSITION OF COUNCIL PRESIDENT. MOTION CARRIED. <br />Councilman Naughten noted that an Edmonds resident, Rosalyn Sumners, recently won a gold medal in <br />the women's world junior figure -skating championships held in .France, and he suggested that the City <br />recognize her for her achievement. He proposed that a resolution be passed honoring her, that there <br />be declared a Rosalyn Sumners Day, and that the City let her know that it is proud of her. COUNCILMAN <br />MOTION: NAUGHTEN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN CARNS, THAT A ROSALYN SUMNERS DAY BE DECLARED, TOGETHER WITH <br />ACCOMPANYING HONORS, AND THAT THIS,BE COORDINATED WITH THE EDMONDS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. It was <br />suggested that this may fit in with the winter Olympics schedule. THE MOTION CARRIED. <br />Councilman Naughten noted that there appears to be an interest on the part of the downtown merchants <br />regarding parking in downtown Edmonds.. The Council agreed that the Parking Commission should become <br />active Councilman Naughten was agreeable to being the Council representative. Mayor Harrison <br />said he would follow through to activate the Commission. Later-in.the evening,, however., it was <br />noted that the Parking Commission is one of -those being absorbed by the proposed Planning Advisory <br />Board, and was set to discuss the intended scope of that board. <br />Councilman Naughten suggested that the Staff prepare some sort ofguidelines as to what the Council <br />does and what its actions are. He said he sometimes wonders whether the Council should be getting <br />• involved in some of the areas into which it gets. <br />Councilman.Naughten said he had receivedsome calls from senior citizens regarding the lack of <br />lighting at 5th and Bell. <br />1 <br />1 <br />Councilman Nordquist commented that Burt Ketcham, the new Edmonds Chamber of Commerce president, had <br />been the Council's guest at a dinner meeting this evening, and Councilman Nordquist felt a good <br />start was made for an open forum. He also noted that on Thursday there will be a meeting in Snoho- <br />mish which will be attended by the candidates for County Council and -County Executive, and the <br />discussion.w.ill be about the costs of municipal court systems. <br />Councilman Carns said it was his°understanding that the City.does not.have a lease with the Chamber <br />of Commerce for the use of the log cabin, and he proposed that one be drafted incorporating the <br />statement that although it is not proper that a city gift services or money, the fact that the <br />Chamber is -keeping a historical building open is worthy of offsetting any rental charges. He <br />suggested that the City Attorney make recommendations as to the legal aspects of the Chamber paying <br />MOTION: for utilities and upkeep of.the building. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST, <br />THAT. -THE -CITY ATTORNEY BE SO INSTRUCTED AND REPORT TO THE COUNCIL AT HIS EARLIEST CONVENIENCE. <br />MOTION.CARRIED. <br />Councilwoman Allen advised that she would be unable to attend next week's Architectural Design Board <br />meeting, and she requested that another Council member attend in her place. Councilman Nordquist <br />will attend as the ex officio member. <br />Councilman Kasper advised that he would not be present at the February 5 meeting. <br />Councilman Kasper referred to a letter from Wilma Schwartze, asking for a change in the -traffic <br />routing on Sunset Ave. to permit, once again, cars to travel south, thereby facilitating.parking for <br />viewing of the Sound. Councilman Kasper did not feel that the problem had been solved and he felt <br />