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5U May 20, 1980 - continued <br />that RML may be further reduced as to.density. He thought this action would clearly give anti- . <br />annexation people ammunition in the future. Further, he felt that in the future annexations should <br />only be considered after prezoning by the Council. He felt that by passing this ordinance they were <br />not accomplishing for the people what those people thought they were getting. He added that he has <br />no interest in any property in that area, nor was he financing anything for his company in that <br />area. If the area were zoned to RML he felt the people would come in fora rezone.. <br />Connie Root, owner of Lot 7 of Aurora Homesites, asked to speak. She said most of the property <br />owners were under the impression that since RMH was supported at the Planning Commission hearing. <br />that was what their zoning would be, and they were totally surprised at the RML. She said they <br />supported RMH and if RML were adopted they would like to go for a contract to at the number <br />of units provided in .their County zoning. City Attorney Jim Murphy said this would not be a good <br />application for a contract rezone as a contract rezone is meet a problem and there are <br />concessionsgoing both ways, which was not happening here. Planning Consultant John LaTourelle said <br />his staff was totally surprised when the Council reduced the RML. He noted that one of <br />the things the Council has talked about is increasing development.possibilities in the Highway 99 <br />corridor. Also, this area is virtually -surrounded by the heavy traffic arterials in the City and is <br />served superbly by mass transit. It is very close to four of the.major employers of moderate income <br />people --the hospital, the high school, the college, and John Fluke. It had appeared to the Planning <br />staff that if there was a place in the City that was ideal for high density, -low cost housing, this <br />would be it. Gene Kennealson, one of the property owners in this area, said his purpose in buying <br />MOTION: his property was for.investment, and he thought he was going to get RMH. COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN MOVED, <br />SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN KASPER, THAT THE CITY ATTORNEY BE INSTRUCTED-TO.DRAFT ANOTHER ORDINANCE, <br />PROVIDING RMH.ZONING FOR THE SUBJECT PROPERTY, BASED ON THE FINDINGS ORIGINALLY PROVIDED BY THE <br />PLANNING COMMISSION. Councilman Gould said he thought he now understood something he previously had <br />not, regarding the proximity of the CG zoning to this area, and he felt RMH next to CG was appro- <br />priate. THE MOTION CARRIED. <br />There was no further business to come before.the Council, and the meeting adjourned at 1:20 a.m. <br />Ael��_ <br />IRENE VARNEY MORAN, Cit Clerk HARVE H..HARRISON, Mayor <br />May 27, 1980 <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by Mayor Harve <br />Harrison in the Council Chambers of the Edmonds Civic Center. All present joined in the flag salute. <br />PRESENT ABSENT STAFF.PRESENT <br />Harve Harrison, Mayor Larry Naughten Charles Dibble, M.A.A. <br />Jo -Anne Jaech Fred Herzberg, Public Works Director <br />Bill Kasper Jim Adams, City Engineer <br />Katherine Allen John LaTourelle, Planning Consultant <br />John Nordquist Mary Lou Block, Planning Division Manager <br />Ray Gould Irene Varney Moran, City Clerk <br />Mary Goetz Jack Weinz, Fire Chief <br />Art Housler, Finance Director <br />Jim Jessel, Parks & Recreation Director <br />Jim Murphy, City Attorney <br />Jackie Parrett, Deputy City Clerk • <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />MOTION: Items (B), (D), (G), and (H) were removed from the Consent Agenda. COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST MOVED, <br />SECONDED BY COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN, TO APPROVE THE BALANCE OF THE CONSENT.AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. The <br />approved items on the Consent Agenda included the following: <br />(A) Roll call. <br />(C) Acknowledgment of receipt of Claim for Damages from Gary W. Nelson in the amount of <br />$1,837.47. <br />(E) Adoption of Ordinance 2145, designating recently annexed property.(College Place area) as <br />RMH, pursuant to P.C. Resolution 651. <br />(F) Authorization for Mayor to execute agreement with Washington State Department of Transportation <br />for construction of flume on SR 524. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF MAY 20, 1980 [Item (B) on Consent Agenda] <br />Councilwoman Allen acknowledged a memorandum from the Deputy City Clerk advising of a correction to <br />the minutes. On page 6, the last paragraph should be a continuation of Chester Bennett's remarks, <br />the speaker in the previous paragraph. The minutes should be corrected to delete the name and <br />.address of Forrest Walls and to' insert ,in theirnlace: "Mr. Bennett... .. ." COU"JCILWO!".AN ALLEN <br />MOTION: MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST, TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF MAY 20, 1980 AS CORRECTED. <br />MOTION CARRIED. <br />