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• June 16, 1980 - continued <br />uses in the area, and with the Comprehensive Policy Plan. The Council.had held the first hearing on <br />this matter on May 6, 1980 at which time the Planning Commission's findings of fact were furnished, <br />indicating the criteria for rezone were met. The Planning Staff recommended approval the BN <br />.of <br />zoning and of the annexation. The public portion of the hearing was opened, no one wished to <br />MOTION: <br />speak, and the.public portion was closed. COUNCILWOMAN-ALLEN MOVED, SECONDED -BY COUNCILWOMAN GOETZ, <br />TO.ADOPT ORDINANCE 2151, ANNEXING THE SUBJECT PROPERTY TO THE CITY OF EDMONDS AND DESIGNATING THE <br />ZONING OF THAT -PROPERTY AS BN, BASED ON THE FINDINGS OF.FACT OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION. MOTION <br />CARRIED. <br />DISCUSSION.ON PLANNING ADVISORY BOARD <br />Councilman Gould stated that the Council had discussed at the recent retreat what.the functions of <br />the Planning Advisory Board would be. He read those from his summary of the retreat. The question <br />MOTION: <br />of length of term was discussed, following which COUNCILMAN'NAUGHTEN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILWOMAN <br />JAECH, THAT THE TERMS OF MEMBERS OF THE PLANNING ADVISORY. BOARD. WILL BE TWO YEARS, WITH OPTION OF <br />REAPPOINTMENT. Councilwoman Allen said she was reluctant to take such action until Title 20 has <br />been reviewed._ Councilman Gould said .it was his understanding that appointment of the Planning <br />Advisory Board would dovetail into the passing of the Community.Development Code and the hiring of <br />the hearing. examiner. City Attorney Jim Murphy advised that they could discuss what they were going <br />to do and discuss personnel and terms, but there would be no board until the new code is adopted, <br />and at that time a hearing examiner.and Planning Advisory Board should be ready to be in place. <br />Planning,Consultant John LaTourelle.stated that he expected when the new code is actually passed it <br />will have -an effective date of some two months following the approval, thereby providing the time to <br />do the necessary hiring and make the appointments. Councilman. Gould requested that for the Title 20 <br />discussion on July 1 the Council be provided: (1) A summary of the retreat information on Planning <br />• <br />Advisory Board topics; (2) The essence of the Planning Staff memorandum of April 24, 1980 discussing <br />the Planning Advisory Board, <br />number of members, etc.; and (3) The essence of the Planning Staff <br />memorandum of March 6, 1980. No action was taken on the motionon the floor. <br />Councilman Gould -advised the Clerk that he will be absent June 24, 1980,'and Councilman Naughten <br />advised that he will be absent July 15, 1980. <br />There was no further business to come before the Council, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m. <br />IRENE VARNEY MORAN, CitYy Clerk HARVE H. HARRISON, Mayor <br />June 24, 1980 <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City Council was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by Mayor Harve Harrison <br />in the Council Chambers of the Edmonds Civic Center. All present joined in the flag salute. <br />PRESENT ABSENT STAFF PRESENT <br />Harve Harrison, Mayor Ray Gould Charles Dibble, M.A.A. <br />Jo -Anne Jaech Fred Herzberg, Public Works Director <br />• Bill Kasper John LaTourelle, Planning Consultant <br />Katherine Allen Mary Lou Block, Planning Division Manager <br />John Nordquist Richard Pearson, Code Revision Project Mgr. <br />Larry Naughten Irene Varney Moran, City Clerk <br />Mary Goetz" Marlo Foster, Police Chief <br />Gary McComas, Fire Marshal <br />Jim Jessel, Parks & Recreation Director <br />Jim Murphy, City Attorney <br />Jackie Parrett, Deputy City Clerk <br />1 <br />F� <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />MOTION: Items (D) and (F) were removed from the Consent Agenda. COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN MOVED, SECONDED -BY COUNCILMAN <br />NAUGHTEN, TO APPROVE THE BALANCE OF THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION CARRIED. The approved items on the <br />Consent Agenda included the following: <br />(A) Roll call. <br />(B). Approval of Minutes of.June 16, 1980. <br />(C) Acknowledgment of receipt of Claim for Damages from Donna Jo Williams in the amount of <br />$237.39. <br />(E) Authorization to call.for bids on July 9, 1980 for LID 207, water/sewer extension, vicinity <br />of 72nd and 175th. <br />(G) Approval of fireworks stand permits. <br />