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Ordinance 3399[Icon] 3399 Amending the provisions of Section 2.25.020 relating to involuntary military service in order to coordinate the use of military leave provided therein with existing vacation compensatory and other paid leave benefits 6/18/2002 7
Ordinance 3398[Icon] 3398 Amending the provisions of the Edmonds Comprehensive Plan, Capital Facilities Element, to adopt an annual update to said plan 5/21/2002 16
Ordinance 3397[Icon] 3397 Amending Title 20 of the Edmonds Community Development Code by the addition of a new Chapter 20.45, Edmonds Register of Historic Places 5/7/2002 25
Ordinance 3396[Icon] 3396 Providing for the acquisition of certain property within the City of Edmonds for the purpose of installing improvements along SR 99 and vicinity; providing for the condemnation, appropriation, taking and damaging of land or other property necessary therefore; authorizing an interlocal agreement 4/23/2002 10
Ordinance 3395[Icon] 3395 Amending Section 5.28.010 of the Edmonds City Code; adopting by reference RCW 9A.56.096 regarding the theft of rental, leased or lease-purchased property; deleting a reference in Section 5.28.010 to RCW 9.45.062, which has been legislatively repealed 4/16/2002 6
Ordinance 3394[Icon] 3394 Adopting Section 20.91.030 of the Edmonds Community Development Code, Continuances, as a zoning regulation 3/19/2002 5
Ordinance 3393[Icon] 3393 Amending the provisoins of ECC Chapter 7.60, Combined Utilities, to add a new Section 7.60.030, Utility Assistance Fund, in order to provide for the assistance of the low-income elderly and disabled persons, appropriating start-up monies to the fund, providing for charitable and civic donations 3/5/2002 5
Ordinance 3392[Icon] 3392 Amending Title 10 of the Edmonds City Code by the addition of a new Chapter 10.90, Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission 2/19/2002 16
Ordinance 3391[Icon] 3391 Adopting the final budget of the City for the fiscal year commencing January 1, 2002, providing for monthly revenue reports 12/18/2001 8
Ordinance 3390[Icon] 3390 Establishing salary ranges for non-represented exempt personnel for budget year 2002; providing for life insurance benefits 12/11/2001 6
Ordinance 3389[Icon] 3389 Amend Ordinance No. 3336 as a result of unanticipated transfers and expenditures of various funds 12/11/2001 7
Ordinance 3388[Icon] 3388 Relating to contracting indebtedness; providing for the issuance of $2,260,000 par value of limited tax General Obligation Bonds, 2001 Series B, of the City for general City purposes to provide funds with which to purchase certain property; fixing the date, form, maturities, interest rates, terms 12/11/2001 23
Ordinance 3387[Icon] 3387 Amend the provisions of the Edmonds Community Development Code by repealing and reenacting Chapter 20.35, Planned Residential Development; amend Title 21 to add a new Chapter 21.125 "Z" Terms, and to add a new Section 21.25.010 defining zero lot line development 12/11/2001 20
Ordinance 3386[Icon] 3386 Amend the City's Comprehensive Plan, Capital Facilities Element, to adopt a common siting process for essential public facilities, directing amendment thereof in accordance with the attached Exhibit A 12/11/2001 12
Ordinance 3385[Icon] 3385 Adopt amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, to wit, an amendment to the Comprehensive Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan, Community Youth Plan, Element No. 1; Cemetery Master Plan, Element No. 2; Community Cultural Plan, Element No. 3; Comprehensive Plan, Transportation Element 12/11/2001 7
Ordinance 3384[Icon] 3384 Amend the provisions of Edmonds City Code Chapter 2.15.060 regarding the appointment of Judges Pro Tem of the Edmonds Municipal Court, providing for compensation thereof 12/11/2001 4
Ordinance 3383[Icon] 3383 Approve a Planned Residential Development-Subdivision formerly known as Lincoln Estates and now designated as Woodbury at Edmonds and located at 23415 - 100th Avenue West, Edmonds, Application No. P-2000-105 and PRD-2000-21 12/11/2001 86
Ordinance 3382[Icon] 3382 Amend the Edmonds City Code Section 1.02.035, Filling a Vacant Council Position, to renumber the existing provisons as subparagraph (1) and to add a new subparagraph (2) establishing a procedure for the filing of a Council vacancy after a successor has been elected at General Election 12/4/2001 4
Ordinance 3381[Icon] 3381 Amend Section 3 of Ordinance No. 3286, and Section 3 of Ordinance No. 3287, to extend the period of time over which assessments confirmed by those ordinances may be paid. 12/4/2001 7
Ordinance 3380[Icon] 3380 Increase the property tax levy rate 11/27/2001 4
Ordinance 3379[Icon] 3379 Make certain legislative findings, increasing the property tax levy rate for 2002 11/27/2001 5
Ordinance 3378[Icon] 3378 Amend the official zoning map of the City of Edmonds to change the zoning designation of certain real property located at 820 15th Street SW, and commonly known as the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery, from RS-20 to Public-P 11/27/2001 6
Ordinance 3377[Icon] 3377 Relating to Local Improvement Districts Nos. 215 and 216; establishing Consolidated Local Improvement District No. 215/216 and the Consolidated Local Improvement Fund, District No. 215/216; fixing the amount, form, date, interest rates, maturity, and denominations of the Consolidated Local 11/27/2001 15
Ordinance 3376[Icon] 3376 Enact Section 20.91.030, Continuances, as an interim zoning regulation 11/27/2001 4
Ordinance 3375[Icon] 3375 Amend the provisions of the Edmonds City Code Section 3.50.020 to increase the insufficient check charge to $30.00 11/27/2001 4
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