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Ordinance 3474[Icon] 3474 Adopting an interim zoning ordinance pursuant to RCW 35A.63.220; amending Title 20 of the Edmonds Community Development Code by adding a new Chapter 20.16, Essential Public Facilities, thereto; adopting regulations governing the siting, permitting and mitigation of essential public facilities 11/3/2003 43
Ordinance 3473[Icon] 3473 Adopted pursuant to RCW 35A.63.220; adopting an interim zoning regulation imposing a moratorium on the processing of permit and license applications for the establishment of opiate substitution treatment service provider facilities within the City, establishing a public hearing date within 60 days 11/3/2003 25
Ordinance 3472[Icon] 3472 Rezoning certain real property described in File No. R-03-75, located west of 75th Place West in Edmonds, from Single-Family Residential (RS-20) to Single-Family Residential (RS-12) 11/3/2003 5
Ordinance 3471[Icon] 3471 Amending Edmonds City Code Chapter 5.05, Animal Control; clarifying the nonrefundability of certain veterinary fees for the adoption of cats and dogs 10/7/2003 4
Ordinance 3470[Icon] 3470 Vacating the northerly east three feet of the right-of-way of the 8500 block of Bowdoin Way 9/15/2003 5
Ordinance 3469[Icon] 3469 Amending Sectons 5.30.110 and 5.30.120 of the Edmonds City Code; in order to impose restrictions on construction noise; clarify a limited exception for incidental home maintenance, repair and construction activities; and amend the variance process 8/26/2003 8
Ordinance 3468[Icon] 3468 Amendment to the Edmonds Public Facilities District Charter; establishing a semi-monthly regular meeting schedule for the Edmonds Public Facilities District Board 8/26/2003 7
Ordinance 3467[Icon] 3467 Amend the official zoning map of the City of Edmonds to change the zoning designation of certain real property immediately north of the parcel addressed 8017 - 238th Street, commonly known as the Dipangrazio Rezone, File No. R-2003-47, from CG to RM-2.4 8/19/2003 6
Ordinance 3466[Icon] 3466 Amend the Edmonds City Code to create a new Chapter 3.16, Parks Trust Fund 8/19/2003 5
Ordinance 3465[Icon] 3465 Repeal and reenact Chapter 20.35 relating to Planned Residential Development (PRD), amending ECDC Section 16.20.030, Table of Site Development Standards, repealing ECDC 20.160.010(A)(4) relating to Hearing Examiner recommendations, amending ECDC 20.20.015 to add a new section (D) 8/5/2003 19
Ordinance 3464[Icon] 3464 Providing for the submission to the qualified electors of the City at the November General Election of a proposition authorizing a levy lid lift to increase the regular property tax by up to an additional 51-cents, not to exceed $2.85 per $1,000 of true assessed valuation 7/29/2003 7
Ordinance 3463[Icon] 3463 Vacating the herein described portion of 7th Avenue South 7/15/2003 5
Ordinance 3462[Icon] 3462 Amend Ordinance No. 3436 as a result of unanticipated transfers and expenditures of various funds 7/15/2003 6
Ordinance 3461[Icon] 3461 Amend the provisions of the Edmonds Community Development Code to repeal and re-enact Chapter 20.10, Architectural Design Review, in order to address issues related to review of signs; repeal and re-enact Chapter 10.60, Sign Code; amend Chapter 19.45 relating to adoption of Uniform Sign Code 7/1/2003 32
Ordinance 3460[Icon] 3460 Relating to contracting indebtedness; providing for the issuance, specifying the maturities, interest rates, terms and covenants of $7,000,000 par value of Unlimited Tax General Obligation Bonds, 2003, to provide part of the funds with which to pay the cost of advance refunding 6/24/2003 22
Ordinance 3459[Icon] 3459 Amending the official street map to eliminate the planned lined right-of-way for 215th Place SW, from 215th Place SW to 98th Avenue W 6/24/2003 5
Ordinance 3458[Icon] 3458 The ordinance the number was originally assigned to was not adopted. 6/3/2003 1
Ordinance 3457[Icon] 3457 Amending Edmonds City Code (ECC) Section 7.40.040 in order to provide consistency between the monthly service charges imposed by Edmonds Ordinance No. 2361 and those imposed by current ECC Section 7.40.040 6/3/2003 5
Ordinance 3456[Icon] 3456 Amending the provisions of ECDC 19.00.060(B) to provide for interpretations, appeals and alternative material review by a Building Code Board of Review, excepting the Provisions of Chapter 19.05 from said review, enacting a new Chapter 10.15, Building Board of Appeals 5/20/2003 8
Ordinance 3455[Icon] 3455 Adopting a six-year Capital Improvement Program 5/20/2003 17
Ordinance 3454[Icon] 3454 Approve a change in zoning for certain real property commonly known as the Five Corners Fire Station Site from Public (P) to Multi-Family Residential (RM-2.4), authorizing amendment of the zoning map 5/20/2003 5
Ordinance 3453[Icon] 3453 Amend the provisions of ECDC Sections 16.20.010(D), 16.30.030(D), 16.62.010(A)(5) and 21.20.010 "Day-care Facility," all in order to bring the City's restrictions regarding establishing day-cares in line with the requirements of state law and to expand day-care to include disabled and elderly 5/20/2003 6
Ordinance 3452[Icon] 3452 Amend the provisons of ECC 5.27.060, Permit Fees; amending ECDC 19.75.060, Permits; amending Chapter 19.75 to add a new Section 19.75.065, Charge For Fire Inspection; amending ECC 4.32.040, Police/Fire Investigation - Approval to add a new Section C relating to Fire Inspection Charges; 4/22/2003 7
Ordinance 3451[Icon] 3451 Amend the provisions of Chapter 5.05 relating to animal control, containing a severability clause 4/22/2003 38
Ordinance 3450[Icon] 3450 Amend the provisions of Chapter 7.50, Stormwater Management Utility, to add a new Section 7.50.070, Stormwater Management System Development Charge, in order to establish a charge to recover the cost of establishing the Stormwater Management System to new patrons 4/15/2003 6
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