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Ordinance 3449[Icon] 3449 Giving preliminary Planned Residential Development (PRD) and preliminary plat approval for a project commonly known as Meadowdale Estates, located at 6880 172nd Street SW 4/8/2003 5
Ordinance 3448[Icon] 3448 Approving the final plat and giving final PRD approval to Garden Cottages for proprety located at 614 Bell Street, Edmonds, WA 4/1/2003 5
Ordinance 3447[Icon] 3447 Amend the Edmonds City Code to add a new Chapter 2.37, Miscellaneous Leave and Break Provision, in order to permit flexibility in the scheduling of breaks as may be required pursuant to the Washington Administrative Code 3/25/2003 7
Ordinance 3446[Icon] 3446 Relating to the combined water and sewer systems comprising the waterworks utility of the City; specifying, adopting and ordering the carrying out of a system or plan of additions to and betterments and extensions of the Waterworks Utility of the City; providing for the issuance of $7,875,000 bonds 3/25/2003 46
Ordinance 3445[Icon] 3445 Adopted pursuant to RCW 35A.63.220; adopting an interim zoning regulation imposing a moratorium on the processing of permit and license applications for the establishment of opiate substitution treatment service provider facilities within the City 3/25/2003 25
Ordinance 3444[Icon] 3444 Amend Section 2.35.060, Sick Leave, to add a new Section (G) to permit sick leave buy-back by transferred employees 3/25/2003 5
Ordinance 3443[Icon] 3443 Amend the provisions of Chapter 3.50, Miscellaneous Charges, to enact a new Section 3.50.040 relating to Meeting Room Charges 3/18/2003 5
Ordinance 3442[Icon] 3442 Amend the official street map subject to certain conditions, authorizing physical amendment of a map 3/18/2003 6
Ordinance 3441[Icon] 3441 Grant to AT&T Wireless Services of Washington, LLC, a Master Use Agreement to install, operate, and maintain wireless communication facilities within a certain designated public right-of-way of the City of Edmonds, WA, prescribing certain rights, duties, terms, and conditions 2/25/2003 24
Ordinance 3440[Icon] 3440 Extend a six-month interim ordinance amending ECDC 20.35.080 in order to clarify that the City Council, instead of the Hearing Examiner, shall make final decisions on Planned Residential Development Applications 2/18/2003 7
Ordinance 3439[Icon] 3439 Amend ECC 4.72.010, Definitions, Section (B) relating to business; to confirm exclusion of occupations licensed pursuant to Chapter 3.20 2/18/2003 5
Ordinance 3438[Icon] 3438 Amend Edmonds City Code Sections 5.05.030 and 5.05.100(C) to require that dogs and cats made available for adoption from the City contracted animal shelter will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption, setting an adoption fee to recover the costs associated with animal control, veterinary service 1/7/2003 7
Ordinance 3437[Icon] 3437 Establish the salary ranges of non-represented exempt personnel for budget year 2003; providing for life insurance benefits 12/17/2002 6
Ordinance 3436[Icon] 3436 Relating to the budget for fiscal year commencing January 1, 2003 12/17/2002 6
Ordinance 3435[Icon] 3435 Amend the Edmonds City Code Chapter 5.05 to enact provisions of an initiative amendment forwarded to the City Council, clarifying the Council's intent upon adoption of such ordinance, enacting Section 3 of the initiative while reserving Council powers 12/17/2002 8
Ordinance 3434[Icon] 3434 Amend Ordinance No. 3391 as a result of unanticipated transfers and expenditures of various funds 12/17/2002 6
Ordinance 3433[Icon] 3433 Amend the provisions of Section 8.64.060, VI - Parking Limited on Certain Streets, to provide for limited parking between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 PM 12/17/2002 6
Ordinance 3432[Icon] 3432 Amend the provisions of Section 3.20.050 in order to charge a business and occupation tax upon providers of solid waste disposal services, repealing Chapter 4.64, relating to garbage collection 12/17/2002 5
Ordinance 3431[Icon] 3431 Amend the provisions of Title 3, Revenue and Finance, to adopt a new Chapter 3.22, Interfund Loans 12/17/2002 5
Ordinance 3430[Icon] 3430 Amend the Comprehensive Plan to identify certain properties located between Edmonds Way and 228th Street Southwest and between 95th Place West and 96th Place West as multi-family/high density; deny a request to rezone property at 9521 to 9531 Edmonds Way from RS-8 to RM-1.5; refer to Planning Board 12/17/2002 7
Ordinance 3429[Icon] 3429 Amend its Comprehensive Plan to adopt an updated Transportation Element 12/17/2002 4
Ordinance 3428[Icon] 3428 Adopt the Public Urban Design and Street Tree Plan Element as a part of the City's Comprehensive Plan 12/17/2002 4
Ordinance 3427[Icon] 3427 Amend the provisions of the Comprehensive Plan, Water Comprehensive Plan Element, to incorporate amendments 12/17/2002 4
Ordinance 3426[Icon] 3426 Make certain legislative findings, increasing the property tax levy rate for 2003 11/26/2002 6
Ordinance 3425[Icon] 3425 Relating to contracting indebtedness; provide for the issuance of $7,015,000 par value of Limited Tax General Obligation Bonds, 2002, of the City for general City purposes to provide funds with which to pay costs of acquiring and renovating facilities for a performing arts theatre, creating parking, 11/7/2002 35
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