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<br />City of Edmonds <br />TH <br />121 5 AVENUE NORTH • EDMONDS, WA 98020 • (425) 771-0220 FAX(425) 771-0221 <br />PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT Engineering Division <br />Plan Review Corrections <br />Plan Check :Date: <br />#2008-0651 April 28, 2009 <br />th <br />Project Name/Address: <br /> Zubair 22415 100 Ave W Remodel <br />Contact Person/Address/Fax: <br /> Roger Patten <br />Reviewer: JoAnne ZulaufDivision:Engineering <br />During review of the subject submittal, it was found that the following information, corrections, or <br />clarifications would need to be addressed. All Handouts referred to in these comments can be accessed at <br />our website: under City Government / Development Services Department / <br />Engineering Division then scroll down to Handouts: <br />The following issues were not addressed on your resubmittal: <br />1.Done. <br />2.Done. <br />3.4/28/09 Not done. Per City of Edmonds Community Development Code, driveways are not permitted <br />over 14% slope. A written request to the City Engineer can be submitted for a slope waiver up to 20%. <br />Please submit a letter to the City Engineer requesting a slope waiver. Include in detail why maximum <br />slope can not be met. Your reason can be that the grade of the existing garage and the grade of the <br />existing road make it impossible to attain a slope under 14% <br />4.Due to an increase of replaced and new impervious surface over 2000sf, a storm engineer review was <br />required.Please review engineer’s comments below and respond to corrections. <br />STORM WATER ENGINEER REVIEW: <br /> It is unclear from the drawings what the catchment areas are for the two drainage features installed: the drywell and <br />the infiltration trench. Therefore I can not evaluate their effectiveness at mitigating for the increased impervious surface <br />area, Also, given the slope of the site, any "overflow" will likely flow towards the existing rock wall located on private <br />property. While the City does not regulate rockeries on private property, it should be a consideration in the drainage <br />design. <br />I would like to know where the roof downspout water is going, where the drainage off the patio and concrete/paver <br />driveway is going (I suspect the later is sheet flowing into the street). Also, to properly evaluate the drywell and infiltration <br />trench, a soils report is necessary. <br />CORRECTIONS: <br /> 1. Please indicate on site plan where and how the roof downspout water is draining into the system. <br /> 2. Please show where the drainage from patio is going. If intended for infiltration trench please show patio drains or <br /> grates making this possible. <br /> 3. Show where the water drainage from driveway and parking strip is going. <br /> 4. Please provide a soils report. <br />DATE FAXED/E-MAILED 4/28/2009 PAGE __1__ OF __1_ <br /> <br />