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<br />City of EdmondsBLD20140357 <br />TH <br />121 5AVENUE NORTHEDMONDS, WA 98020 • (425) 771-0220 FAX(425) 771-0221 <br />Website: <br />PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT <br />Planning • Building • Engineering <br />Plan Review Comments <br />BLD20140357May 28, 2014 <br />PermitApplication:Date: <br /># <br />th <br />-Tenant Improvement22804 100Ave. W. <br />Project Name/Address: <br />Sherwin-Williams <br /> <br />Contact Person/Address, Fax or E-mail: <br />JPC Architects –Amy Colby <br />Reviewer: Chris RiveraDivision: <br />ENGINEERING <br />During review of the subject submittal, it was found that the following information, corrections, or <br />clarifications would need to be addressed. All Handouts referred to in these comments can be accessed at <br />our website: City Government / Development Services Department / <br />Engineering Division then scroll down to Handouts: <br />1)Please show the nearest catch basinsonthe site plan & add a noteas follows:Filter socks will be added <br />as needed per Edmonds Standard Detail E1.3. <br />2)Please indicate impervious surfaces along access road and label existing surfaces (concrete, asphalt, etc.). <br />3)Our maps indicate a city sewer main and easement running along the access road. Sewer man holes can be <br />seen along the access road as well. Please show the location ofthiscity sewer line on the site plan.Please <br />addanote to site plan: Exercise caution when demolishing access road. <br />4)Though there is no change in use, it is requiredthat you fill out the Traffic Impact Analysis Worksheet. <br />Please make sure to fill out the first half of the worksheet (providing contact information)as well as <br />section 1& 7. <br />Please resubmit 3copies of the revised plansand associated documents with a written response to each <br />item to a Permit Coordinator. Please contact me at 425-771-0220ext 1339or by e-mail at <br />chris.rivera@edmondswa.govif you have specific questions regarding these plan corrections. <br />DATE E-MAILED5/28/2014PAGE(1) <br />