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of EDM <br />CITY OF EDMONDS <br />1215TH AVENUE NORTH - EDMONDS, WA 98020 <br />r PHONE: (425) 771-0220 - FAX: (425) 771-0221 <br />STATUS: ISSUED 01/11/2017 <br />Expiration Date: 07/11/2017 <br />Parcel No: 00450700500013 <br />BAHRAM SAMANIAN <br />22425 100TH AVE W <br />EDMONDS, WA 98020 <br />(425) 678-8262 <br />Brennan Heating <br />C/O JAIMIE HOW <br />4601 S 134TH PL <br />Tukwila, WA 98168 <br />(206) 248-7900 <br />Run gas pipe for Range, Fireplace and BBQ <br />VALUATION: $0.00 <br />BRENNAN <br />C/O DARRIN HEATING <br />4601 S 134TH PL <br />SEATTLE, WA 98168 <br />(206)248-7900 <br />LICENSE #: BRENNHA971R9 <br />EXP:12/29/2017 <br />PERMIT TYPE: Residential <br />PERMIT GROUP: 47 - Plumbing/Water Service Line/Fountain (ONLINE) <br />GRADING. N CYDS: 0 <br />TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: <br />RETAINING WALL ROCKERY: <br />OCCUPANT GROUP: <br />OCCUPANT LOAD: <br />FENCE: ( 0 X 0 FT.) <br />CODE: <br />OTHER: ------- OTHER DESC: <br />ZONE: <br />NUMBER OF STORIES: 0 <br />IVESTED DATE: <br />NUMBER OF DWELLING UNITS: 0 <br />LOT #: <br />EXISTING AREA <br />BASEMENT: 0 1ST FLOOR: 0 2ND FLOOR: 0 <br />PROPOSED AREA <br />BASEMENT: 0 1ST FLOOR: 0 2ND FLOOR: 0 <br />3RD FLOOR: 0 GARAGE: 0 DECK: 0 OTHER: 0 <br />13RD FLOOR: 0 GARAGE: 0 DECK: 0 OTHER: 0 <br />BEDROOMS:0 BATHROOMS:O <br />1 BEDROOMS:0 BATHROOMS:0 <br />FRONT iACK SII)ESMACK FEAR SMACK <br />REQUIRED: PROPOSED: REQUIRED: PROPOSED: REQUIRED: PROPOSED: <br />HEIGHT ALLOWED:O PROPOSED:O REQUIRED: PROPOSED: <br />SETBACK NOTES: <br />I AGREE TO COMPLY WITH CITY AND STATE LAWS REGULATING CONSTRUCTION AND IN DOINGTHE WORK AUTHORIZED <br />THEREBY, NO PERSON WILL BE EMPLOYED IN VIOLATION OF THE LABOR CODE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON RELATING TO <br />WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE AND RCW 18:27. <br />THIS APPLICATION IS NOT A PERMIT UNTIL SIGNED BY THE BUILDING OFFICIAL OR HIS/HER DEPUTY AND ALL FEES ARE PAID. <br />i/i1117 <br />Signature Print Name Date Released By Date <br />ATTENTION <br />IT IS UNLAWFUL TO USE OR OCCUPY A BUILDING OR STRUCTURE UNTIL A FINAL INSPECTION HAS BEEN MADE AND APPROVAL ORA CERTIFICATE OF <br />OCCUPANCY HAS BEEN GRANTED. UBC109/ IBC110/ IRC110. <br />= ONLINE = APPLICANT = ASSESSOR = OTHER <br />