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R. H. Doty reported that the School Superintendent has complained about <br />the trees along Main street damaging the paint of the busses. A notice <br />was published in the paper a few months ago asking the property owners to <br />trim the trees, only a few -The Street Superintendent was given <br />authority to have the trees trimmed. He also reports it will take more <br />material to install the new pump than was anticipated. <br />Dewey Leyda reported that the Observation tower was closed and he suggested <br />having the lighta turned off and a sign should be posted for no trespassing. <br />The clerk to notify light company about the lights. <br />The Council set a price of $50 a lot for lots 25 to 33 inclusive in Block 89. <br />The Police Judge and Councilman of first ward, 1,11. C. Hansen, tendered his <br />resignation to the Council. A motion was moved and seconded that the Council <br />accept his resignation with regrets. Notion carried. <br />Mayor- Fourtner removed Roy Degneau from his office as Chief of police and <br />appointed V1. C. Hansen to fill the office. A motion was moved and seconded <br />that the Mayors appointment be accepted. Motion carried by a unamimous <br />vote of the Council I <br />Mayor Fourtner appointed L. S:. Vincent as Police Judge. A motion was moved <br />and seconded that the Mayor's appointment be approved by the Council. Motion <br />carried. <br />There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />adjourn. <br />Assistant City Clerk ° Mayor. <br />Yovember ,2, 1943. <br />The Council met in regular, sess.ion.viith Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present, Chandler, Roscoe, Jones, <br />Hansen and Clausen. <br />The minutes .of the previous meeting were rea,d.and approved. The treasurers <br />and Water Collectors repprts were read and ordered filled. A Motion we.s <br />moved and seconded that the following bills which were approved by,the <br />finance committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the proper funds.. <br />motion carried. <br />P. S. Power & Light. co-----=---- 3.19 Ray wooley, labor-,----------- 37.00 <br />Puget Sound News, books--.------- '-28,.77 Lewis Valois, labor----------, 2.00 <br />Engels Ins. Agency, notary fees- 2.00'Durbins Store, material--- --- 1.02 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies--.------- 1..9(L,Crow Hardware, supplies----'-- 2.52 <br />P. S. Power & light co. lights-- 2.15 Louis Miller, gases----------- 11.5.5 <br />Louis Valois, labor------------- 24.00 P. S. Power, street lights-- loo.64 <br />Dewey Leyda, labor or. meters-,--- 18.00 Richfield Service, tires----- 64.95 <br />Ray Wooley, labor-----------,---- 11.00 C. B. Roe, pulling horse from <br />Crow Hardware, Supplies--------- 14.72 manhole------- ------ 4.00 <br />Stevens Lumber 'co. supplies----- 6.36 Ed. telephone co. phone valls 1.95 <br />Oakland Shingle Co, supplies---- 3.00 Tribune Review, printing----- 12.16 <br />Ed. Ind. Telephone Co, labor---- 8.20.2. S. rower & Light Co. lights 7,26 <br />Hugh G. Purcell Co. supplies--- 24.63 Mrs. D. M. Parker, cleaning-- 5..00 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio, labor & Bert Anderson, garbage disposa110.00 <br />supplies------------------ 66.87 R. H. Doty, sewer inspection 2.00 <br />A.. B. Bentley, supplies--------- Hubbard,bond-------- ,----- 5.00 <br />Addressograph Sales, office supplies Sanderson Safety supply, supplies20.42 <br />15.62 R. H. Degneau,. dogs---------- 25.00 <br />P. S. Power & Light, power for James Astell special police-- 15,00 <br />pumps----------- 151.85 0. Aanieri, special,pol:ice--- 13.50 <br />W. C. Hansen, mileage----------- 9.24 Hoy Degneau, mileage--------- 17.32 <br />A Motion was moved and seconded that the Council accept the sale of lots <br />32 and 33 in. -block 89 for �100 to Jessie, Cogswell. Motion carried by a <br />unanimous vote of the Council. <br />The State Health Department reported that they had received several complaints <br />about the rats at the City garbage dump, thut something should be done to <br />exterminate them, either by the use of poison or gas. <br />A motion was moved and seconded that [later suet. and Lssistant E, H. Doty <br />and Dewey Leyda be given the authority to sell the small duro pump and <br />single phase 3 horse power motor for 1�75 or more. Motion carried. <br />A motion was moved and seconded That x. H. Doty be given the authority to <br />purchase the shingles and repair the roof of the meter shed. 2dotion carried. <br />He also reports that K. Id. tirade & Co. were replacing the base of the new <br />pump which was cracked <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />ri <br />1 <br />