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A motion was made by Chandler and seconded by Savage that Ordinance.1o. 550 <br />be adopted. of the Council showed Chandler yes, Roscoe yes, Savage <br />yes and Hansen yes. <br />The Councilmen checked <br />the poll <br />books for the City <br />General Election held <br />December 5. <br />, <br />Mayor first Wardd <br />Second Yard <br />Third Ward <br />F. A. Fourtner <br />114. <br />93 <br />74 <br />Gaylord Holbrook <br />21 <br />44 <br />33 <br />City Clerk <br />Anita Gust <br />133 <br />122 <br />103 <br />Councilman at Large <br />H. A. Chandler <br />105 <br />94 <br />66 . <br />William Prof fit <br />21 <br />25 <br />21 <br />Councilman <br />Paul McGibbon two <br />132 <br />year term <br />W. P. McDonell <br />113 <br />Cle: ude Savage <br />112 <br />Walter Hansen <br />92 <br />Superint:endsnt Doty report.ed that the water tank In South Edmonds was under <br />construction. He also reported that the street on first avenue was in very <br />bad condition_, and he advised getting a dull -dozer to break-up the top <br />surface. The Council authorized the superintendent to get'a bull -dozer, if <br />he thought it would help to fix the street. <br />Superintendent Doty reported he would like another thousand feet of two <br />inch pipe to finish the replacing.of wooden pipe in South Edmonds. Mayor <br />Fourtner suggested that the Council authorize the purchase of the pipe. <br />Councilman Chandler reported on the sidewalk along fifth street, that he <br />had not contacted all the property owners as yet.* This matter was laid over <br />until the next meeting of the Council. <br />Chief of Police Hansen reported that he had a number of complaints about, the <br />smoke from a fire that was burning on seventh street. Councilman Chandler <br />suggested plugging the.culvert and let the water runn on the property. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. <br />Assistant City Clerk FMayor . <br />January 2, 1945 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding._ The roll <br />call showed the following councilmen present Roscoe, McGibbon, Jones, <br />Savage, Hansen and Clausen. <br />The water collectors and Treasurers reports were read. The following bills <br />which were approved by the finance committee were ordered to be paid and <br />warrants be drawn on the proper funds by a motion that was made by McGibbon <br />and seconded by Savage. Motion carried. <br />Bert Anderson, park. garbage---------- 4.00 0... D. bndvrson, filing franchise <br />J. A. stell,.special police --------- 17.50 2.55 <br />Sherman Osborn.,. special police------- 5.00 Telephone Service, phone------ 1.85 <br />Long Motor &; welding, repaid grader 6.18 Asso. Wa„h. Cities., fee ------- 50.00 <br />Ray Mcdeever, labor_ street ----------- 35.00 Mrs. D. M. Parker, cleaning--- 5.00 <br />Ray MaKeever, labor on water --------- 48.00 Henry Boshart, care ofgrounds-30.00 <br />Floyd Duncan, labor on water ---------- 24.00 George.Jones, garbage --------- 10.00 <br />R. M. Jade & Co. supplies--------- -13.39 17. C. Hansen, mileage, dogs --- 28.00 <br />Markmann & Williams, pipe ----------- 280.75 :ire Department, 3 fires ------ 90.00 <br />Stevens Lumber Co,, pipe-------------- 4.76 <br />w. P. McDonell signed the Oath of office for.Councilman for first ward for <br />the four year term. Mayor iourtner read a letter from L. S. Vincent in <br />which he stated that he was resigning from his office of Police Judge. A <br />motion was made by Clausen and seconded by Jones that the Council accept <br />his resignation with regrets. Motion carried. <br />Chief of Police W. C. Hansen reported to the Council that he was resigning <br />from his office, but that he would still police the town until such a time <br />that another man could be found to do the work. <br />