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A letter was read from George McLeod opposing the opening of the alley between his <br />property and the Olson property on Seventh. <br />Councilman McGinness reported he had received the final report on the sewers.. <br />A motion.was .made by Councilman Maxwell and seconded b y c ouncilman .Vollan .that a <br />stop sign be placed at Olympic and Sprague street and onP-at Homeland Drive. Motion carried. <br />Supt. Lawson reported that test hole #1.was dug to a depth of.160 feet and No 2 to a � <br />depth of 120 feet with no gamEi prospects .,of Water and test -hole #3 has been.staVl red. <br />Therebei:ng no further business the meeting :adjourned. <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />February 20, 1951 <br />The Council met for its regular session with'Mayor McGibbon presiding. The roll <br />call`showed"'the following councilman present"Vollan, Tucker, Tuson, McGinness, <br />Engels, Peterson and Maxwell. <br />After a report from the street commit;tee.a motion :was made by councilman Maxwell <br />and seconded by councilman Tuson that'the'vacating of Hemlock street from eighth <br />to ninth avenue be denied, and a letter be written Mrs.. Murdock of the council" <br />action. .Motion carried. <br />Councilman Tucker'chairman"of the water committee'repbrted-that the well driller <br />hadgone down 150 feet for test -hole number 3, and asked -to let driller go <br />down another 100 ' feet' 'to' sea -level with a six inch `pipe" and thane allotired to" <br />proceed to spend an6ther $2000, which includes the surging, of, the wells, this <br />was made a motion by councilman Tucker'and seconded by councilman'Engels. A roll_, <br />call vote showed Vollan no, Tucker yes McGinness yes, Engels yes Maxwell rio and <br />Peterson yes. <br />Mayor McGibbon asked that no purchases'Ve made or extra men be'hired in all depart- <br />ments before getting in touch with him. <br />NaxoMeyring reported Mrs.' Strance hasviOffered the'City a 20 f6ot,)strip of -property <br />between Third and Fourth Avenues, 'iri ,exchange io the City for digging <br />a ditch for drainage. A motion Was made by Councilman McGinness and seconded by <br />Councilman Peterson that we accept the prbpdsal of Mrs Stfance. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by councilman Tucker,and�''Maxwell that the <br />Engineer &-stima:te),th'e tcostiIuf eamap for house numbering. Motion carried. <br />There being no urther burin the'meeting'adjo e ' <br />City Clerk Mayor <br />March 6, 1951 <br />The Council met for its regular session with Mayor McGibbon presiding. The roll call <br />showed the following councilmen present Vollan, Tucker, Tuson, Engels, Maxwell and <br />Peterson. <br />The water collectors and Treqsurers reports were read to the council. A motion was <br />made by councilman Maxwell and seconded by councilman Tuson that the bills which <br />were approved by the auditiDg committee be allowed and warrants be drawn on the <br />proper funds. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by councilman Tucker'and seconded by councilman Tuson that the <br />-20'foot strip of property at Fourth and Howell way be sold to Mr A. J. Armes for <br />$466 on a contract of $50 down and the balance to be paid -over a period of two <br />years at six per cent interest, the buyer to pay for the title insurance and the <br />cost of the transfer.' Motion carried, with Councilman Maxwell in favor of a cash <br />deal. <br />A letter was read to the Council in regards to the offer made by Mr. and Mrs Strance <br />to'the City of Edmonds, a twenty foot strip of property along the north boundry of <br />their property adjacent to Erben Drive and a sixty foot strip of property located <br />betlrreen fourth and Fifth avenues, A motion was made py Councilman Maxwell and <br />seconded by councilman Tucker that this be referred to the Street Committee <br />with authority to consumate or reject the deal. Motion carried. - <br />Councilman Tucker, chairman of the water committee reported the third test -hole <br />had been dug to within ten feet of sea -level with no success.of obtaining water, <br />and that the pipe was being pulled,up,' and they were starting surging operations <br />of the existing wells. <br />