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December 19th, 1939, <br />The Courcil met ir_ regular sessior with Wayor Fourtr_er presiding. The <br />roll call showed the follir_g Cour_cilmer preser.:t:- Char_dler, Hareid, Harsor., <br />Callahar, Clausen, and Yartir_. The minutes of the last meetir_g were read and <br />approved. <br />The Courcil passed the following nesolutior for the State Highway Depart- <br />ment: <br />resolution. <br />WHE EAS, the Departmert of Highways has estimated that the receipts which will <br />accrue to the credit if the City of Edmonds under the provisiors of Chapter 181, <br />1939 Laws, for the period April 1, 1939, to March 31, 1941, will be Four Thous- <br />ar.:d Eight Hundred and Twertythree 76100 Dollars; and <br />WHEALAI, there is ar urexperded balance of funds which accrued to the credit <br />of the City of Edmords durirg the period April 1st 1937 to larch 31st 1939 of <br />Two Hubdred and Sixty Two 06100 Dollars; aid <br />OHEKLAS9 the total furls available for expenditure durirg the period April <br />1st, 1939 to haech 31st 1941 is therefore estimated to be Five 2housar.d Eighty - <br />Five 82/100 Dollars; and <br />WH1;ELS, the Departmert of Highways does request that the City of Edmords <br />adopt a formal program settirg forth the uses to which it shall put the above - <br />gamed sum of money in accordar_ce with the provisiors of the above-ramed atatute; <br />IOW, T LiEb`OAL, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and City Courcil of the City of <br />Edmords in regular meeting duly assembled, as follows: <br />1. That based upon estimated receipts as aforesaid the following is proposed <br />as the items covering expenditures of said City of Edmords from the City Street <br />Ford for the bierrium commercir_g April 1, 1939, and erdir_g March 31st, 1941: <br />Ii�airterarce Corstructior Overhead <br />Secondary Total Operationm <br />State Highway V02100:00 $`'500,00 101500,00 1100,00 <br />Other 0-4c, <br />City Streets 2985,82 485,82 2500,00 <br />45085,82 g9i�5,82 ITU50,00 <br />2. That should such receipts exceed the estimate aforesaid, such excess shall <br />be expended by the City of Edmords it the provided by law, subject to the <br />approvale of the Departmert of Highways. <br />3..That the City Clerk be, and is hereby, irstructed to forward a copy of <br />this lesolutior to the Department of Highways. <br />All02TED by the Mayor ard City Courcil this 19th day of December 1939. <br />ATTEST: <br />mayor. <br />City Clerk <br />The City Ergir_eer reported that he had the plars about worked out for the <br />sewer and curb ard gutter for First Aver_ue 1 orth and that he would have them <br />ready for for the r..ext meeting of the Council; he also reported that he had made <br />a perlimir_.ary survey of the of the sewer to be placed or Third Aver.:ue South and <br />fourd that the best place to put it was in the alley between.: Third and Fourth, <br />The property owrers objected to it being plcaed in the alley, they warted it put <br />or Third Avenue, It was laid over ur_til the next meeting of the Courcil. <br />The Assessmert roll for the sewer it Block 77, L.I.D.To,49 came up for a <br />hearir.,g or the amount assessed against each lot ber..efited thereby. There beirg <br />