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390 <br />June 11, 1979 - continued • <br />Councilman Herb said the fine points would not have to be worked out -immediately, but the <br />Council wanted the boards to be brought up-to-date on what they were considering and the fine <br />points would be worked out when it went -to the Planning Commission,.but he fel-t the main thrust <br />was whether they'should be shifting the -responsibilities -around.. Mr. LaTourelle said they were <br />ready to start making.drafts of implementing ordinances and at this.time they needed to know on <br />what system they were to be working. They needed to know whether.or not it was to be a hearing <br />examiner system as -that was fundamental -to -their making their drafts. Councilman Carns-felt <br />the hearing examiner system would free.the Planning Commission to do planning. Laura Hall was <br />MOTION: not willing to sacrifice their people input. COUNCILMAN CARNS MOVED,'SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN <br />HERB, THAT THE COUNCIL ENDORSE -THE HEARING EXAMINER CONCEPT AND THE PLANNING ADVISORY BOARD <br />CONCEPT AS OUTLINED THIS*EVENING. MOTION CARRIED. <br />REVIEW OF ORDINANCE ON ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS.FOR BOARDS.AND COMMISSIONS <br />Community Development Director John LaTourelle had prepared a memorandum which discussed the <br />attendance problems. He supported the -ordinance as it is'and.he noted.that the question had <br />been raised as to whether attendance should:be excused. Although there may be good reasons for <br />a member to miss meetings, he felt the City needed members who were able to attend the meetings <br />in order to make the,City function properly, and he noted that the attendance requirements <br />applied only to regularly scheduled meetings and not special meetings. It was noted that since <br />the current ordinance.had been in force two members had failed the attendance'requirements <br />and -action was taken as dictated by the ordinance. Councilwoman Allen said she had brought <br />this up and she felt Mr.. LaTourelle's report should be accepted. -Councilman Gould stated he' <br />was in favor of maintaining the policy as it is. The general consensus was that there should <br />be no change. <br />There was no further business to come before.the Council, and the meeting adjourned at 11:55 • <br />p.m. <br />IRENE VARNEY MORAN, C fty- Clerk HARVE Fr- HARR-ISON, Mayor <br />June 19, 1979 <br />The regular meeting of the Edmonds City.Council was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Mayor Harve <br />Harrison in the Council Chambers of the Edmonds -Civic Center: All present joined in the flag <br />salute. <br />PRESENT ABSENT STAFF PRESENT <br />Harve Harrison, Mayor :. Mike Herb Charles Dibble, M.A.A. <br />Bill -Kasper - Ray -Gould Leif Larson, Public Works Director <br />Katherine Allen John LaTourelle, Community Devel. Dir. <br />John Nordquist Mary Lou Block, Asst. City Planner <br />Tom Carns Irene,Varney Moran, City Clerk <br />-Larry Naughten Art Housler, Finance Director <br />Jack Weinz, Acting Fire Chief • <br />Fred Herzberg, City Engineer <br />Doug Albright, City Attorney <br />Jackie Parrett, -Deputy City Clerk <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />MOTION: Councilman Naughten asked that Item.(D) be.removed from the Consent Agenda. COUNCILWOMAN ALLEN <br />MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCILMAN NORDQUIST; TO APPROVE THE BALANCE OF THE CONSENT AGENDA. MOTION <br />CARRIED. The approved portion -of the Consent Agenda included the following: <br />(A) .Roll call. <br />.(B) Approval of Minutes of June 11, 1979. <br />(C) Approval of Street Use Permit.for placement of street trees and marquee <br />over sidewalk on 5th Ave. N. <br />(E) Approval of fireworks stands permits. <br />(F),.Setting date of June 26, 1979 for hearing of Revised Comprehensive 6 -Year <br />Street Construction Program, 1980-1985. <br />PROPOSED ORDINANCE REZONING LOTS 6, 7, 8, AND 9 OF BLOCK 5, YOST'S FIRST ADDITION, <br />FROM RS -6 TO RS-12Item D on Consent. Agenda <br />Councilman Naughten said that all persons who desired to give,testimony.on this rezone had not <br />been heard, in that he had been contacted by Raymond Duitsman who said he had not been given <br />that opportunity. Mr. Duitsman was invited to speak. He gave his address as 17800 36th W., <br />Alderwood Manor, and said he owns one of the lots involved which could be subdivided into two • <br />lots Under the RS -6 zoning. He read a letter, copies of which had been furnished to the <br />