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ORIDINANCE NO.4120 <br />AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO THE SAFE STORAGE OF AND <br />ACCESS TO FIREARMS. <br />WHEREAS, in 2015, 714 Washington State residents died from a firearm injury and a <br />child or teen under the age of 17 was killed by gunfire in every nine days, on average, according <br />to WA State Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics Death Certificate data; and <br />WHEREAS, suicide is the leading cause of firearm death in Washington State according <br />to the WA State Department of Health. In 2015, 47% of all those who took their own lives — <br />used a firearm; and <br />WHEREAS, the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated an average of at least <br />232,000 guns were stolen per year from 2005 to 2010; and <br />WHEREAS, the US Secret Service and US Department of Education published a study <br />examining school shootings from 1974-2000 that found that in more than 65% of cases, the <br />shooter obtained the firearm from their home or that of a relative. <br />WHEREAS, 63% of firearm -owning households in Washington state do not store their <br />firearms locked and unloaded, according to 2018 research led by the University of Washington <br />School of Public Health; and <br />WHEREAS, among firearm -owning households, keeping firearms unlocked have been <br />associated with a greater risk of firearm suicide among both youths and adults; and <br />WHEREAS, according to 2018 RAND corporation analysis of firearm policies <br />throughout the United States available evidence supports the conclusion that safe storage laws, <br />reduce self-inflicted fatal or nonfatal firearm injuries among youth, as well as unintentional <br />firearm injuries or deaths among children; and <br />WHEREAS, the Center for Disease Control states safe firearm storage practices —such as <br />keeping guns secured with a cable lock or in a gun safe —reduce the risk of firearm injuries; and <br />