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<br />CE <br />ITY OF DMONDS <br />PLANREVIEWCOMMENTS <br />PLANNINGDIVISION <br />425.771.0220 <br />DATE: January 16, 2009 <br />TO: Aneil Zubair <br /> <br />FROM: Kathleen Taylor, Associate Planner <br />RE: PLAN CHECK # 2008-0651 <br />TH <br /> REMODEL AT 22415 100 AVE W <br />On behalf of the Planning Division, I have reviewed the above building permit <br />application. When I reviewed it the first time in August 2008, I was able to sign off on <br />the permit, because the plans indicated that the remodel was interior only. Your plans <br />indicate that some exterior walls were repaired, but are in the same location as they <br />existed previously. Please make the following correction to the site plan: <br />1.If all exterior walls remain in the same location, as prior to the remodel please <br />make a note on the site plan. If any new exterior walls (not repaired walls) were <br />added please show them as well. <br />You may red-line the existing plans or submit new copies. Make all submittals to a <br />Development Services Permit Coordinator, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. <br />If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 425.771.0220. <br />Thank you. <br />