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<br />City of Edmonds <br /> <br />PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS <br />BUILDING DIVISION <br />(425) 771-0220 <br /> <br /> <br />DATE: 5/22/2014 <br />TO: <br />JPC ARCHITECTS <br /> C/O AMY COLBY <br /> 909 112TH AVE NE STE 206 <br /> BELLEVUE, WA 98004 <br /> <br /> (425) 641-9200 <br />RE: Plan Check: BLD20140357 <br />Project: Sherwin Williams Westgate <br />th <br />Project Address: 22804 100 Ave W <br />During review of the plans for the above noted project, it was found that the following information, <br />clarifications or changes are needed. Please provide written responses as to where the changes can <br />be found on the plans, and submit revised plans/documents to a Permit Coordinator. <br /> <br />1.Provide Engineering for the proposed enlarged door openings through the existing CMU walls. <br /> <br />2.In order to use the stock room as a means of egress, a demarcated minimum 44-inch-wide aisle <br />per 1014.2,#4 Exception 3 shall be provided. <br /> <br />3.Label any rated walls. <br /> <br />4.ADA requirements to be shown on plans: <br /> <br />a.Restroom signage <br /> <br />b.Grab bars <br /> <br />c.Dispenser locations <br /> <br />d.Lavatory requirements <br />Pat Lawler, CBO <br />Senior Building Inspector <br />425 771 0220 x1703 <br />