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UU��� A [�y�L�|T[y-T� <br />�� Q— �� /—� |��� � | | � L_�^ | ^� <br />May 19,Z024 <br />To: John VVestf U <br />City ofEdmonds — Office o/Fire Marshal <br />121 5= Avenue North <br />Edmonds, VVA98020 <br />Re: Sherwin Williams (Westgate 22OU4100yAvenue West) <br />Permit No.: BLD20140357 <br />Correction Notice #1 (Fire K4amha|) <br />JPCProject Nu.: 14'0374 <br />John: <br />Please see the attached drawing revisions for the Sherwin Williams project at Westgate Center. All <br />changes and additions have been bubbled on the indicated revised drawing sheets. <br />1. Sheet 1-0.0: Deferred submittals — omit Fire Alarm System and Re Sprinkler System unless <br />voluntary systems aedesired. <br />Respor'se:T'heurmms11meMarrn" and °Ii1pe [mve 1)eem msnmoved from* our deferred <br />submmhtM |st omyheel k0.0. <br />2. Sheet |'O.0:Note "Intent is tomaintain tenant space aomercantile occupancy group within limits <br />of single non-sprinklered control area for flammable and combustible liquid storage. Inventory of <br />Class 113, IC, 11, and IIIA will vary day to day, never in excess of 1,600 gallons limit for non-sprinklered <br />space per Z012IFC table 57O43.4.1.:nrother approved wording. <br />Res�pomse:,rheatatennentabove leem4muluded omsheet i-0.0. <br />3. Submit letter with application from Robert Sommers, Senior Project Engineer for Sherwin Williams, <br />dated February 7,2O14,attached inthis email. <br />4. Sheet 1'3.1: Label space with exterior access at Northwest corner ofproject. <br />Reapomse�'Ihkpmomn[imskw(,flmU�)e|ecJ"IlNectrkm�and RoM Acc�ess(0mDdh,,ig Commmom)", <br />S. Sheet 1-3.1: Provide minimum rated 2A:20B:C portable One extinguisher (typical) for ordinary <br />(moderaie)Class 8hazard. <br />Respcx'ise� Refer to rev�se(J Keynote M/11-3,1. <br />Please contact us regarding any questions or concerns you may have. <br />Sincerely, <br />Amy Colby <br />]PCArdhitects <br />(425)641'92OOExt. 329 <br />1125 641 9200 1 «911»6Ave wc Suite 206 ael|°me'mmpomw 1 wwwJpcarc .teuccom <br />