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U0��� N"', <br />[/�L��T[y�T� <br />~��—�� ��� <br />May 2t2014 <br />To: Steve Fisher <br />City ofEdmnnds—Pub|icVVudo <br />121S1hAvenue North <br />Edmonds, VVA98OZO <br />Re: Sherwin Williams (Westgate 228O410OmAvenue West) <br />Permit No.: BLD28140357 <br />Plan Comments <br />JPCProject No.: 14-0374 <br />Steve: <br />Please see the attached drawing revisions for the Sherwin Williams project at Westgate Center.All <br />changes and additions have been bubbled onthe indicated revised drawing sheets. <br />1 | would recommend stretching the concrete pad to a minimum of 15' to adequately stage l <br />side-by-side front -load containers. <br />0espoinse: 1he new dummpster l,,)ad [ms ix,,em [,icreased to 15"-0p vnlde per the ml"llove <br />Please contact us regarding any questions or concerns you may have. <br />Sincerely, <br />406(;k <br />Amy Colby <br />]PCAmhitegs <br />(4Z5)641-93OUExt. 329 <br />