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- USE PERMIT - <br />BUILDING DEPARTMENT Appljene, <br />ZONENUMBER 750379 <br />PERMIT APPLICATION inside JOB 8 <br />ADDRESS r:;7 <br />NAME IDR NAME OF BUSINESS)LEGAL LOT r I❑ YES ❑ NIBd MA INC Z /%/ VARIANCE OR <br />.C�Q GOND. USE NO. <br />0 CITY ELEPHONE -} ..-�� �..� PROPOSED YARDS HEIC <br />1�=-� rr r"{' FRONT SIDE REAR <br />AME <br />ALLOWABLE PROPOSED <br />F SIGN AREA SIGN AREA <br />i <br />CITY TELEPHONE NUMBER <br />I <br />4 <br />PLANNING DEPT. APPROVAL DATE <br />'1/ <br />'- <br />NAME <br />�I STREET R/W <br />0LV j �-� EXISTING STREET R/W FT. DEFICIENCY THIS PROPERTY <br />t <br />U <br />1 <br />U <br />F <br />i <br />CITY TELEPHONE NUMBER <br />I <br />4 <br />PLANNING DEPT. APPROVAL DATE <br />'1/ <br />'- <br />NAME <br />�I STREET R/W <br />0LV j �-� EXISTING STREET R/W FT. DEFICIENCY THIS PROPERTY <br />- <br />It <br />0 <br />1-, <br />ADDRESS <br />COMP. PLAN ST. R/W FT. FT. <br />U <br />F <br />CITY TELEPHONE NUMBER REMARKS <br />0 <br />Z <br />Z <br />W <br />0 <br />U <br />CHECKED BY <br />STATE LICENSE NUMBER CITY LICENSE NUMBER <br />W <br />Z <br />N/ <br />0 <br />Legal Description of Property (Show Below or Attach Four Copiesl STREET AND/OR UTILITY ❑ YES <br />Z <br />W <br />WORK REQ'D El <br />UNDERGROUND ❑ YES <br />Z <br />WIRING REQ'D ❑ NO <br />0 <br />F <br />6 <br />TYPE CONNECTIONVERIFIED BY <br />2: <br />U <br />❑ YES PERMIT NUMBER <br />W <br />0 <br />SEPTIC SYSTEM <br />APPVD BY CITY ENG. <br />0,I <br />❑ NO <br />0 <br />J <br />Q <br />REMARKS <br />J <br />J <br />METER SIZE SERVICE SIZE CLEARANCE CHECKED BY <br />E <br />W <br />REMARKS <br />G <br />❑ NEW aRESIDENTIAL F 1 L NE FIRE ZONE TYPE OF CONS'rRU ON CODE <br />❑NON -R ESIOENTIAL ❑ SIGN V/5 • 7 <br />/ <br />❑ ADD <br />RETAINING SP LIAL INSPECTOR AREA OCCUPANCY OCCUPANT <br />REQUIRED GROUP LOAD <br />❑ DEMOLISH Ej <br />WALL y—� <br />❑ J-- <br />d <br />❑ ALTER EXCAVATE FENCE YES NO <br />❑ OR FILL 1_ X_FTl PLAN CHEF KE ev THIS SITE IS LOCATED IN THE CITY <br />bi <br />PRE•MOVE swim OF EDMONDS. LOCAL SALES TAX <br />❑ SHOULDB <br />f <br />REPAIR D POOL <br />(NSP, <br />Z <br />E <br />EMAR <br />/ _ <br />NUMBER OF STORIES NUMBER OFIz <br />%� / <br />DWELLING / ' L.7 /(.l . <br />UNITS <br />m <br />NATURE OF WORK TO BE DONE <br />-!\��P/a/�?✓ <br />/=fes` _ <br />/�/N�• 7r/�/`' ''" G` L �" VALUATION FEE <br />PROPOSED USE PLAN CHECK <br />o <br />Lj [—L /N V NO. <br />y PLOT PLAN INDICATE BUILDING SETBACKS, <br />C ABUTTING STREETS( BUILDING <br />U <br />H j PLUMBING <br />/ <br />O /�/ <br />m HEAT & GAS LINE <br />O <br />FENCE <br />SIGN <br />1 <br />RETAINING WALL <br />I <br />SWIMMING POOL <br />thereby acknowledge that I have read this application; that the In. TOTAL AMOUNT DUE —[/Q <br />t <br />formation given le correct; and that I am the owner, or the duly ..W- <br />Ired agent of the owner. I agree tocomply with city and State laws rogu- ATTENTION <br />(tiring construction; and In doing the work authorized thereby, no person APPLICATION APPROVAL <br />- <br />Will bP employed In violation of the Labor Code of the Slate of Washington THIS PERMIT <br />This application !s not permit until <br />' <br />relating to Workmen's Compensation Insurance. AUTHORIZES <br />i <br />signed by the Building Official or his Dep - <br />NOTE: Permit Limit One Year DEMOLITIONS which ONLY THE <br />uty; and fees are paid, and receipt is aC- <br />-IN(EXCePt DINGS WORK NOTED <br />ehnll be completed In ninety days; MOVED -IN BUILDINGS shall be com- <br />]fnowledged in space provided. <br />pleted m efs month,.) <br />INSPECTION ` <br />SIGNATURE (OWNER OR AGE DATE SIGNED DEPARTMENT Wirt EC B IGNATU <br />CITY OF \ <br />EDMONDS DAVE <br />AIO11:: Applicallt Suhlect to PhM ClIeCK Fee 775-2525 �— <br />This Permit covers work to be done on private property ONLY. YELLOW - b' <br />Any construction on the public domain (curbs, sidewalks, driveways, ORIGINAL- Fib. .r:ctrrr <br />rnarquacs, atc.) will requira separate permission. PINK - C•:. �,cr GOLD—, , <br />