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City of Edmonds <br />Critical Area Notice of Decision <br />Applicant: <br />,Property Owner: <br />Critical Area File <br />z <br />Permit Number: <br />0 <br />Site Location: <br />-uV 6 q <br />Parcel Number: <br />0 6 0? 2-06) <br />Project Description: <br />❑ Conditional Waiver. No critical area report is required for the project described above. <br />1, There will be no alteration of a,Critical Area or its required buffer, <br />2. The proposal is an allowed activity pursuant to ECDC 23.40.220, 23.50.220, and/or <br />23.80.040. <br />3. The proposal is exempt pursuant to ECDC 23.40.230. <br />Z -.-Erosion Hazard. Project is within erosion hazard area. Applicant must prepare an erosion and <br />sediment control plan in compliance with ECDC 18.30. <br />❑ Critical Area Report Required. The proposed project is within a critical area and/or a critical area <br />buffer and a critical area report is required. A critical area report has been submitted and evaluated <br />for compliance with the following criteria pursuant to ECDC 23.40.160: <br />I The proposal minimizes the impact on critical areas in accordance with ECDC 23.40-.120, <br />Mitigation sequencing; <br />2. The proposal does not pose an unreasonable threat to the public health, safety, or welfare <br />on or off the development proposal site; <br />3. The proposal is consistent with the general purposes of this title and the public interest; <br />4. Any alterations permitted to the critical area are mitigated in accordance with ECDC <br />23.40.110, Mitigation requirements. <br />5. The proposal protects the critical area functions and values consistent with the best <br />available science and results in no net loss of critical functions and values; and <br />6. The proposal is consistent with other applicable regulations and standards. <br />11 <br />F -I Unfavorable Critical Area Decision. The proposed project is not exempt or does not adequately <br />mitigate its impacts on critical areas and/or does not comply with the criteria in ECDC 23.40,160 and <br />the provisions of the City of Edmonds critical area regulations. See attached findings of <br />noncompliance, <br />A.Favorable Critical Area Decision. The proposed project as described above and as shown on the <br />attached site plan meets or is exempt from the criteria iii ECDC 23.40.160, Review Criteria, and <br />complies with the applicable provisions of the City of Edmonds critical area regulations. Any <br />subsequent changes to the proposal shall void this decision pending re -review of the proposal, <br />E] Conditions. Critical Area specific condition(s) have been applied to the permit number referenced <br />above. See referenced pen -nit number for specific condition(s). <br />Reviewer J <br />'0 <br />Signature <br />f. j3 <br />Date <br />Appeals: Any decision to approve, condition, or deny a development proposal or other activity based on the <br />requirements of critical area regulations may be appealed according to, and as part of, the appeal procedure, if any, <br />for the permit or approval involved. <br />Revised 12/16/2010 <br />