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='C. 1Z', <br />121 51h Avenue North, Edmonds WA 98020 <br />Phone: 425.771.0220 • Fax: 425.771.0221 ® Web: <br />DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT ® PLANNING DIVISION <br />Critical Areas Reconnaissance Report Update <br />Critical Areas File Number CRA19930277 <br />Determination Studv Reauired <br />Tax Account Number 00602200100200 <br />Property Owner Joe Maroun <br />THIS PARCEL WAS PREVIOUSLY IDENTIFIED AS A `WAIVER' IN <br />1993. HOWEVER, THE CRITICAL AREAS CODE UPDATE OF <br />2005 REQUIRES REASSESSMENT OF THE ORIGINAL <br />During review and inspection of the subject site, it was found that the site may contain (or be adjacent to) critical <br />areas, including Geologically Hazardous Areas (Erosion Hazard Area), pursuant to Chapters 23.40 and 23.80 of the <br />Edmonds Community Development Code (ECDC). Geologically hazardous areas include areas susceptible to <br />erosion, land sliding, earthquake, or other geological events. They pose a threat to the health and safety of citizens <br />when incompatible development is sited in areas of significant hazard. Such incompatible development may not <br />only place itself at risk, but also may increase the hazard to surrounding development and use. Cited sections of <br />the Edmonds Community Development Code can be found on the City of Edmonds website at <br /> <br />The associated LiDAR map indicates that the subject parcel slopes east — west from 100`h Avenue West toward <br />Coronado Place. Topography across the parcel is variable but near the southern and western edge of the parcel <br />slopes range from 20% - 30%. Soils on the property are identified as Alderwood Urban land complex (8% - 15% <br />slope). In sum, the variable slopes on the site in excess of 15% are classified as a potential erosion hazards. <br />