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of EDo CITY OF EDMONDS <br />N PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS <br />., ENGINEERING DIVISION <br />14'sr. , s9° (425) 771-0220 <br />City Website: <br />DATE: November 20, 2019 <br />RE: Application 4: ENG2019-0388, -0389, -0390, and -0391 <br />Project: Snohomish County PUD BO Poles <br />During review of the above noted application, it was found that the following information, <br />corrections, or clarifications are needed. Please submit revised plans/documents including a written <br />response to each item below. <br />City of Edmonds handouts, application and other forms, and development code may be referenced <br />on the City website: under Services/Permits and Development. <br />The City conducted the review for the following permits for BO pole removal and/or <br />relocation by considering the following: <br />• Following the policy for minimum clear zone requirements, where a minimum of 10' is <br />required between the travel lane and the pole, or the pole shall be located at the back of <br />future sidewalk (based on zoning requirements). <br />• Depending on zoning, however, a greater distance from the travel lane shall be required. <br />Poles located within the Westgate Mixed Use Zone (denoted as WMU in map below) shall <br />be a minimum of 13' from the back of curb. <br />' <br />ova° <br />3 <br />