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SHERWIN <br />WILLIAMS <br />February 7, 2014 <br />Tyler J. Abbott <br />Ironwood Commercial Real Estate <br />1501 N. 200 Steet <br />Shoreline, WA 98133 <br />RE: The Sherwin-Williams Co. <br />22804 100th Avenue Edmonds, WA <br />Dear Tyler, <br />Please be advised all parts of our store are intended as M -Mercantile use as defined in the <br />International Building & Fire Codes (IBC & IFC). Our occupancy is retail and wholesale sales and <br />storage of paint coatings, decorative finishes and associated products. All paint and coatings <br />products are pre -manufactured and shipped in sealed containers from pint to 5 -gallon sizes. All <br />containers conform to U.S.D.O.T. requirements. The opening inventory may include up to 600 <br />gallons of IB and IC flammable liquids, and 1,000 gallons of Class II combustible liquids. There will <br />also be up to 6,000 gallons latex (non-combustible coatings) with no flash point. Exact quantities and <br />products will vary from day to day. The Sherwin-Williams space will be a single control area with <br />approximately 75% of inventory in Staging (Wholesale Sales Area). An amount of 7,500 gallons of <br />Class IB, IC, II and IIIA are allowed in a sprinklered control area. (See IBC 307.9, 414.2 & IFC <br />3404.3.4.1) <br />90% of Aerosol products on inventory will be stocked on the sales area with approx 10% overstock in <br />the staging area. Level 1 approx 25 pounds. Level 2 approx 180 pounds. Level 3 approx 15 pounds. <br />All material will be stocked in accordance with the requirements for mercantile use and the latest <br />adopted edition of the IFC and per IFC table 3404.36.6.3(1). Products will be sold from flats, 4' or 7' <br />shelves or 9' or 10' racks. There is no high piled stock. We do not receive or dispense in bulk. All <br />shaking or agitation is in closed equipment with sealed containers. MSDS sheets available on written <br />request from a duly authorized jurisdiction. <br />Please call me at (440) 846-4311 if I can be of further service. <br />Very truly yours, <br />THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY <br />NFPA <br />Y4tFfl MAtI(IMA! <br />L60ECPdBPPfi1C' <br />Robert C Sommers maE�wwiE�rtcra 2019.14 <br />Senior Project Engineer <br />bcsommers& <br />cc: Project File <br />M:\REALESTA\DWGS\WORK\EI3 FILES\E13046\Archive\Docs\Edmonds, WA IBC -IFC HMIS lettendoc <br />