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MEMORANDUM <br />May 9, 2014 <br />TO: Amy Colby — <br />FROM: Steve Fisher, City of Edmonds Public Works, 425-771-0235 <br />RE: Review comments for proposed dumpster pad <br />BLD20140357 — Sherwin Williams outlet, 22804 -100th Ave. W, Edmonds WA <br />The proposed plan indicates a concrete dumpster pad measuring 4' by 6' at the rear of the store <br />along the alleyway. This is a suitable surface for staging the garbage container that will be <br />serviced at this location. <br />However, the applicant should strongly consider lengthening the pad in order to accommodate a <br />recycling container that will collect mainly cardboard and other accepted recyclables. These <br />weighty metal containers have a tendency to carve out depressions and become difficult to <br />service if left on an old asphalt surface. <br />I would recommend stretching the concrete pad to a minimum of 15' to adequately stage 2 side- <br />by-side front -load containers. Let me know if you have any questions. <br />