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EDMONDS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL REHABILITATION <br />BUILDING COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES <br />JANUARY 31. 1979 <br />On January 31, 1979, at 7:30 a.m., in the Public Works Conference <br />Room, the Building Committee for the Edmonds Elementary School met <br />to discuss the facility's design program. Attendance at this meet- <br />ing included Mayor Harve Harrison, Council Members Ray Gould, Katie <br />Allen, Tom Carns, and Leif Larson, Fred Herzberg, John LaTourelle, <br />and Jim Jessel. <br />The Committee agreed that the program's reference to "commercial <br />lease" was misleading and should be changed to "cultural and <br />educational leases" and that the leases should be renewed each year <br />so as not to preclude future recreation opportunities. <br />Leif Larson requested that the architect be required to define the <br />short-term occupancy requirements considering the building codes. <br />Requirements for fixtures and furniture and for a multi -purpose <br />room should be defined in the program. <br />Mayor Harrison suggested that Bob Bezzo and Robert Fincher be in- <br />cluded as potential architects on the project. <br />The Building Committee suggested the facility be renamed the Edmonds <br />Community Center. <br />The future One Percent for Art Project was discussed and 'the Build- <br />ing Couuiiittee agreed that the Arts Commission should decide on the <br />specific type of art that will be programmed. <br />The Committee agreed to meet again on March 7, to discuss proposals <br />for the building and that these proposals should be in their hands <br />no later than March 1, for review previous to the meeting. <br />CC: Building Committee Members <br />City Council Members <br />M.A.A. Dibble <br />