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CITY OF EDMONDS <br />Mechanical Permit <br />My6uildingPermitxom <br />Permit Information <br />Permit Number <br />RI f17f171-f1ti7- Issued Date <br />4/21/2021 <br />Expiration Date <br />4/21/2022 <br />Job Address <br />22423 100TH AVE W Fee Paid <br />$123.60 <br />EDMONDS, 98020 Order Confirmation <br />1060362 <br />Floor <br />Related Permit# <br />Suite <br />Application ID <br />952865 <br />Contact Information <br />Contact Name <br />Ivan Baka Contractor <br />FIVE STAR COMFORT LLC <br />Phone Number <br />(425) 344-5438 <br />Property Owner <br />Richard A & Cynthia A Tomkins LNI License# <br />FIVESSC881 L2 <br />Address <br />211 5TH AVE N EDMONDS, WA Phone# <br />(425) 344-5438 <br />City Bus. License # <br />0019853050 <br />Property Owner Phone <br />Tenant Name <br />Job Description <br />A (Single Family Residential) (Alteration) Mechanical project involving ( 1 Air Handler 10,000 CFM or less) <br />Basement, attic, crawl space. <br />Conditions - Post Permit on site. Do not cover until inspected. <br />Plumbing contractor license laws are regulated by Chapter 18.106 RCW. Property owners who hire an unlicensed <br />plumber may assume the risks and potential monetary liability for work performed by unlicensed plumbing contractors. <br />For more information contact L&I Department of Licensing at 1-800-647-0982. <br />Certification Statement - The applicant states: <br />I certify that I am the owner of this property or the owner's authorized agent, including an appropriately licensed contractor. I have furnished true and <br />correct information. I will comply with all provisions of law and ordinances governing this type of construction work, whether specific herein or not. By <br />submitting this application I give the jurisdiction permission to enter the property to perform inspections. I understand that failure to comply with the <br />above may result in revocation of the permit. <br />Applicant: Ivan Baka <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />