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ro objectior_s to the assessment as made by the City Er.gireer the Courcil or <br />motion ordered the City Attorney to draw up ar Ordirarce corfirmirg the Assess- <br />mert moll of L.I.D.Io.49 as made by the Ergireer. <br />Or motion the Courcil desided to put it a 15 irch tile or the east side of <br />Fifth Averue at the Shellabarger gulch to take care of the storm water when; it <br />comes down the hill and that the street Superirterdert build a bulkhead on the <br />W'st side of the pavement with corerete blocke to hold the dirt when replacing <br />the washout. <br />The Street Superirtender_t reported that the grader needed a rew timer and <br />carboreter. Or motion the irstrueted him to have the repairs made. <br />There being ro further business or motion the Courcil Adjorred. <br />�_-_____ <br />Mayor <br />Jaruary 2rd 1940 <br />The Courcil met ir regular sessior_ with Mayor Pourtrer presidirg. The roll <br />call showed the followirg Courcilmer, present: Chardler, Hareid, Gallahar ar.d <br />Jores. The mirates of the last meeting were read ar.d approved. <br />The Treasurers monthly report ar..d the Water Reverue Collectors report were read <br />and ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by $heidirance Gommitte and or motion the <br />Council ordered the bills paid and warrants drawn or the proper fur_ds. <br />O.I..Sorer;ser P.M. for stamps---- 4,JO Ray Woodfield for labor ---- 46.00 <br />M.C.Ergels for oil for furrace 34,42 J.Startor for labor--------- 8,76 <br />A.B.Ber..tly repairing furrace---- 1,02 Wm.Able for labor---------- 22,75 <br />Yost Auto Co. storage & supplies 0,73 R.V.y60Li2,A1L!J. for labor--- 38, 50 <br />C.M.Larsor for sewer irspection 2,00 W.W.uVomer for labor--------- 46,50 <br />C.M.Larson for stamps, making P.J.Larsor for labor--------- 46,00 <br />arrest,ard.killing 5 dogs--- 7,60 20 0arsor for blacksmith work 2,05 <br />H.B.Vaurs, for makir.f arrests---- 7,UJ O?I.Sorerser P.M. forP.O.Box rent ,75 <br />Charles Vaurs , for policeirg dare Tribune-Heview for reciept books29, 58 <br />es for December 30,00 Crare Co. for supplies 24,21 <br />A.H.Doty, police judge fees----- 7,00 Pickett Motor Co. for supplies 2,92 <br />E.R.Schoolcraft for core of Versselaer Valve Co. for suppliesl5,15 <br />garbage dump foe December-10.00 Louis Miller for supplies ,76 <br />G.L.Moses for labor----------- 4,00 Grow Hardware for supplies---- 11,22 <br />P.S. Power & Light for supplies- ,31 Crow Hardware for supplies--- 1,55 <br />Diesel Oil Sales Co. for supplies 4,13 Bacon Chevrolet Co. for supplies 2,19 <br />Ralph Osborn for supplies ,50 Caspers Corners, for supplies-- 2,10 <br />Crow Hardware for supplies---- 13,97 Seattle Concrete Pipe Co. for <br />A.M.Yost & SOrs for supplies-- 100,31 supplies----- 1,53 <br />Pickett Motor Go. for supplies- 29,20 Edmords Auto Freight for freight ,90 <br />Louis Miller for supplies--- 20,77 Rental Maehirery Go. for use of <br />Sid .belly for labor--------- 44,50 pump---------- 30,60 <br />H.C.Harser for labor--------- 8,25 P.J.Larsor for blacksmith work- 8,80 <br />G.M.Leyda for clearical work-- 5,00 C.R.Wells & Go. fpr supplies 55,10 <br />Sourd Fourdry Co. for supplies- 9,18 Tribune -Review, for supplies 6,12 <br />49 for @@Wei' for lot 3Jo. <br />California Irk Co. for supplies- 1,94 014D.Block 77------------ 33.61 <br />Lowman & Hanford for supplies--- 7,78 Tribune -Review for Bonds for <br />O.I.Sorenser for P.O.Box rent-- 1,00 L.I.D. Lo.49--------- 5,10 <br />Tribune -Review for Bor..ds for <br />L.I.D.L o.47----------- 17,85 <br />Tribure-Review for Bords for <br />L.I.D.1 0.48--------- 34,68 <br />