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Ordirance S:o. 527 was read, approving the Assessmer_:t Roll for <br />Local Improvement District lo.49. Or motion the Council adopted the Ordirarce. <br />Ordinance L o. 527. <br />An Ordirance appovirg and confirming the assessment and assessment roll <br />of Local Improvement°District lo,49, for^theimprovemert of the alley it B10ek <br />77, Plat of the City of Edmonds, by the corstruction of a six (611) inch concrete <br />lateral sewer,tngether with the necessary manholes, and other appertenarces <br />necessary to make a complete improvement all in accordance with Ordirarce Eo.520 <br />of the City of Edmonds, levying ~aL assessment or account thereof -against the <br />several lots, tracts and parcels of lard as shower or said roll, providing for <br />the issuance of bords therefor and fixirg the date of the issuance thereof. <br />THE CITY OF EDMOII DS DOES ORDAII : <br />Section Ia That the assessment and assessment roll of Local Improvement <br />District E o.49, for the improvement of the alley it Block 77, Plat of the City of <br />Edmonds, by the construction of a six irch(611) eorcrete.lateral sewer, together <br />with the necessary manholes, and other apperterarces necessary to make a complete <br />improvement all in accordance with,Ordinarce L o. 520 of the City of Edmords, as <br />the same now stands, be and the same is hereby in all things approved and con- <br />-firmed. <br />SECTIOL II: That each lot, tracts and parcel of lard or other property <br />shown or said roll is hereby declared to be specially benefited by said imorove- <br />mert in at least the amount charged against the same that the assessmert appear- <br />ing against the same is in proportion tb theseveral assessments appearing upon <br />said roll and there is hereby levied an assessment agairst each lot,. treact and <br />parcel of land ar_d other property appearing upor said roll the amount finally <br />charged against the same thereon. <br />SECTION III: That the lst day of March 1940, is hereby fixed as the date of <br />the issuance of the bords required to be issued on account of said imptovemert. <br />SECTIO1. 1Vo The City Af.jEdmords may sell said bords ar_d make payment in cash <br />in the manner provided by the Ordirarces of said City. <br />The sewer on Third Avenue South came up for consideration but was laid <br />over to the next meeting of the Council. <br />Mr. Bonner said he was building a house on Fourth Avenue South and that he <br />must have water. <br />On motion the Water Superintendent was instructed to lay a 4" cast iron <br />line from Dayton Street to Mr. Borrers property, and that the work be done by day <br />labor. <br />On motion the Water Superintendent was instructed to purchase 500 feet of 40 <br />cast iron pipe to make the correction, provided that Hugh G.Pureell & CO. will <br />furnish it at the same price they furnished the 1000 feet. <br />There being no further busiress on motion the Council adjourned. <br />X- <br />'$.L U erk. a or. <br />JAI.UL;.�iY 16th, 1940. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtrer presiding. THE <br />roll call showed the f011ovkirg Courcilmer present: Chandler, Hareid, <br />Harsor, Clausen, Martin, ar_.d Jores. The minutes of the last meeting were read <br />who <br />and approved -The Mayor asked if there were any ore in the audience had any <br />thing they wished to brir_g before the Council. <br />Geo.gate complained that the City in emptjrir_.g their large water tack had <br />created a hole about 35 feet deep next to his sisters property or Tenth Avenue <br />0 <br />ard that it was very dangerous and was liable to cause the heavy damages. <br />The matter was refured to the Street and Water Committes and the City ergir- <br />eer. <br />mark Wursher requested the Council to furnish him with water, The matter <br />was refureed to the Water Commiee. <br />The Coucil took up the question of fencing south water shed. The Council <br />desided to call for bids for a 4 foot wire ferce with 8 straLds of barbed wire <br />and a 6 foot wire fence with 3 strands of barbed wire, so the Coucil could <br />mi ht choose which the prefured, Al in accordarce with the plans and specifi- <br />ca ions of the City Engineer. <br />