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1 <br />1 <br />Or motion: the Council ir_,structea the City Clerk to call for bids for <br />materials to make the improvemert of Local Improvemert District 1,,o.50 <br />Or- motion the Coulnuil instructed the City Clerk to, call for bids for the <br />to be used in making the improvemert set forth in Local Improvemert District <br />T,o.51. <br />There beirg no further business or motior the Courcil adjourred. <br />i <br />. � �, � ' "/, - I Tyj-- " 0 � /,,, I �_4; �1 <br />City Clqk. Mayor. <br />FEBRUAHY 6th. 1940. <br />The Council met in regular sessior. with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call sgowed the following Cour.cilmer_ present: Chandler, Hasson, Martina and Jones <br />The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Water revenue Collectors report were read and <br />ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by the finance Committe and on motion war - <br />ants were ordered' drawn. or, .the' proper funds. <br />Telephone Co. for` phone. calls- 2,50 <br />Puge Sourd Power & Light Co. , <br />for C th- Hall Lights-- 3,59 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies <br />for City' Clerk Office-=- 1,63 <br />E.B.Hubbard, for bond the City <br />Treasurer---------- 30,00 <br />ii.H.Doty, for Police Judge fees-- 18,50 <br />H.B.Vaurs,Light Patrol for <br />arresting fees--------- 6,20 <br />Chars.Vaurs, for policeing dances <br />and arresting fees---- 28,20 <br />C.iX.Larsor for killing 2 dogs <br />and arresting fees---- 5,20 <br />Gateway Cafe for meals for <br />prisorer----=- ,25 <br />Fire Department for 1 fire------- 15,00 <br />Yost Auto Co. for storage and <br />supplies------- 22,12 <br />E.R.Schoolcraft for care of <br />garbage dump-- 10,00 <br />Bertha Travers for supplies------ ,82 <br />C.M.Lasor for labor--------------- 3,00 <br />renselear Valve Co, for supplies 39,42 <br />Yost Auto Co. for supplies-------- ,82 <br />Yost Auto Co, for.fixing water <br />main--------=- 6,32 <br />H.G.Puroell &c Co -'for pipe and <br />other supplies---- 507,28 <br />d.i1Q.Yo8t & Sone for supplies---- 12,57 <br />Pickett Motor Co. for supplies-- 2,09 <br />Crow Hardware for supplies------- ,82 <br />Tribune -review for notice to <br />contraotors-------- 1,39 <br />Lois Miller for supplies---------- 1,51 <br />A.B.Bently for supplies----------- 3,35 <br />Caspers Corrers for supplies------ ,60 <br />P.J.Larsor for blacksmith work---- 16,21 <br />D.M. Parker for labor------------- 25,50 <br />P.J.Lar'sor, for labor-------------- 32,00 <br />Ray Woodfield for labor----------- 26,50 <br />R.V.McClerahar, for labor---------- 2,47 <br /> Smith for labor------------- 4,50 <br />Pete Schooloraft for labor-------- 2,00 <br />W.W.Vomer 'for labor--------- 57,50 <br />Puget Sourd Power & Light Co <br />for power for pumps------`176,25 <br />:A.C.Engels for stove oil---------- 1,52 <br />P.J.L'arson for blacksmith work-- ,50 <br />Crow Hardware for supplies----- 2,70 <br />Leyda Electric Co. Supplies---- 132 <br />Bacor Chevrolet Co. for supplies2,28 <br />Diesel Oil Sales Co. for stove <br />oil---- 8,50 <br />Pugit Sound Power & Light Co. <br />for power for pumps---189,23 <br />H.B.Vaurs for lab -or ------------ 28,00 <br />thas.Vaurs for labor---------- 28,00 <br />G.L.Moses for lab:or----------- 8.00 <br />H.C.Hansor for labor---------- 34,00 <br />Sid Zelly for labor----------- 6.00 <br />Pickett Motor Co. for supplies 33,56 <br />A.M.Yost &c Sons for suppiles-- 74,16 <br />Ralph Sobons fpr gravel------- 2,55 <br />Geo.M.Leyda for elearieal <br />work----- 5900 <br />E.B.Hubb.ard for licens for <br />City Truck------- 1,50 <br />Puget Sourd Power &- Light Co. <br />for light for Library-- 12,23 <br />M.C.Engels for oil for furnace 34,42 <br />S.J.P-riebe for supplies------- 4,72 <br />Puget Sound Power &: Light Co. <br />for light for park house- 4,18 <br />Louis Miller for supplies----- 2073 <br />P.J.Larson for blacksmith <br />work---------- 7,10 <br />Seattle Concrete Pipe Co. <br />for supplies ------ 42,46 <br />A.M.Yost & Sons for supplies-- 3,67 <br />Charles R.Watts Co. for supplies <br />12,57 <br />,viahlum Iron Works for rental <br />of hoist------- 38,25 <br />Tribune -Review for publishing <br />Ordinance l o.527--- 4697 <br />Tribune -Review for publishing <br />Ordinance h o.528 and Lotice <br />to contractors-- 16,59 <br />Ttibure-Review for publishing <br />notice to contractors------- 2,53 <br />t <br />