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ALT {' IiATE t <br />1120 hP Galy. Mesh Eenoe Wire, 6' wide Cyelore <br />ohair.-link gabric, Gala. after v�eavirg ,27 .8/10�LF--311,36 <br />Total Estimate ------------------------- ---------------- 431i;61 <br />e - <br />Tex---------------- 8,63 <br />--- U40 24 <br />1 dbl. Gate 10'X6' 1 5/"8" OD Frame, with fastehir:gs <br />for Cororete Posts, Diagonal Trusses -------------------- $40• 00 <br />... gate'--------------- --- --------------------------- 13,50 <br />Tax------------- 1,07 <br />F Total------------5- <br />for the supplies <br />On motion the Council accepted the bid of G.B..Bently for thenconstruetion <br />of the South Edmonds Water Shed-. <br />There being no further -business on ,motion the Council adjourned. <br />p rx Mayor <br />a <br />C i <br />E ' <br />FEBRU.LftY 20th, 1940. <br />The Council y_z�t,s in ;regular session.; the Mayor being absent Councilman <br />Chandler acting as Mayor pro.tem. The minutes of the last meeting viere read <br />and approved. <br />The Committe on the purcahse of the Torth Edmonds Water system reported <br />no progress .at€the present time as Mr. Weaver one of officials was <br />the present time. <br />1 <br />There were a number of the property owners who live ph Fa.i,.st Y.verue <br />L orth present, seeking information regarding making connection of their prop- <br />erty with 'the sewer that is being put in. ' The VJ.2.k has agreed to lay their <br />sewer from the sewer latteral to�the property line if the property owners <br />furnish the tile. There was some question way the the should be laid. The <br />matter was refuted t.6 the Mayor the City Engineer and Councilman Hanson, who <br />were to'meet with the property owners at 8 a.msWensday morning. <br />There being no further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />8 <br />8 <br />/ Olt f/y(\�4L <br />C i t ex mayor.' <br />c <br />c <br />c <br />0 <br />1 <br />LI <br />1 <br />n <br />