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March 5th. 1940. <br />The Courcil met in regular session with Mayor F'ourtr_er presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen: present: Chandler, Aellehar, Clausen, Jores, <br />and Martin_. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Water Revenue Collectors report for the month <br />February were read and ordered filed. <br />The followirg bills were approved by the Pirance Committee.ard or: motion war- <br />rarts were ordered drawn., or the proper fords. <br />L.C.Ergel, bond for City Clerk, 5,00 Peter Schoolcraft for labor ------- -..12,00 <br />Telephone Co, for phor.:e calls 2,75 Viggo Roberts for labor------------ 23.00 <br />Trick & Murray for supplies--- 4,81 Ray Woodfield for labor------------ 2.00 <br />M.C.Engles for fuel oil------- 34942 L.C.Ergel for bord for water revenue <br />P.S.Po:wer & Light Co. lights-- 6,12 Collectoe----------- 10.00 <br />L.C.Ergel for bond for Chief Ralph Osborn_ for gravel------------ 4,05 <br />of Police-=------ 5.00 P.J.Larsor for labor and blacksmith <br />and Police Judge-------- 5,00 work---------- 60.64 <br />C.M. Larson.., for inspection of W.W.Womer for labor---------------- 49.50 <br />sewer correction----------- 2.00 Crow Hardware for supplies--------- 6.20 <br />Collecirg 22 dog licereses-- 11.00 l ational Meter Co. for meters and <br />for killing 3 dogs----------- 3.00 supplies------ 65.72 <br />and labor or City Hall sewer- 2,00 P.S.Power & Light Co. for power <br />and making 1 arrest---------- 1.00 for pumps--------- 78.40 <br />H.B. Vaurs for making 1 arrest 2.20 Edmonds Grocery & Market for supplies .45 <br />Charles Vaurs for policeing Leyda Electric & Radio for labor and <br />dances------------ 20.00 supplies for pumps------- 3.26 <br />and making 3 arrests-------- 6.00 Pickett Motor Co. for supplies------ 1.25 <br />R.H.Boty for Police Judge J.H.Scalf for labor----------------- 8.23 <br />fees-------- 10.50 A.B.Bemtly for supplies ---------- 2-- 97.07 <br />Crow Harsware for supplies--- 1.02 Edmonds Builders'Supply for supplies 18.49 <br />E.R.Schoolcraft for care of A.M.Yost & Sons for supplies-------- 59,57 <br />garbage dump------- 10,00 Hugh G. Purcell Co. for supplies--- 257.14 <br />Jessie Ryro for refund of Rensselaer Valve Co for supplies--- .66 <br />Bell Street improvement---- 10.00 Chucks Lumber Yard for supplies---- 0,12 <br />Leyda Electric & radio for P.S.Power & Light Co. for lights <br />supplies------- .46 for City park house--------- 1.80 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co. for G.L.Fry for labor------------------ 2.50 <br />Street lights--------- 95.57 P.S.Power & Light Co. for lights--- 5.62 <br />H.B.Vaurs for labor or 5th. Hurziker's Stop & Shop for supplies 1,05 <br />and Maple Streets ------- 20.50 Tribune -Review for supplies-------- 8.21 <br />Charles Vaurs for labor or California Ink Co. Ire. for supplies 1.94 <br />5th Avenue ------- 10.00 Gaylord Bros. Inc. for supplies---- 9.45 <br />A.M.Yost & Sors for supplies- 22,03 F'rark L.Goulet for labor----------- 2.00 <br />Ralph Ausborr for gravel----- 1.53 Seattle Concrete Pipe Co. for <br />Diesel Oil Sales Co. for oil-- 8,07 supplies---- 152.5w <br />Howard Cooper Corp. for grader Louis Miller for supplies---------- 6.93 <br />blade------- 6,69 Edmonds Auto Preight for freight <br />Geo.M.Leyda for clearical work 5.00 charges----- .75 <br />P.J.Larsor for blacksmith work 1.60 A.M.Yost & Sors for supplies------- 3.37 <br />M.C.Ergels for supplies------- .41 Edmords Builders Suy for <br />Q.B.I:•o.50----- 486.34 <br />The following petitior was presented to the City Courcil for their corsid- <br />-eratior_. <br />PETETIO11 <br />Mr Mayor and City Courcil <br />City of Edmords- <br />Gertlemer: The urdersigned property owner's do hereby petirior_ you <br />to grade.ard gravel Fourth Street, south from Daytor Street as far as said <br />Street is cleared of stumps and brush. <br />D.M.Parker, H.A.Aeetor, J.P.Bohnert, G.E-.gemp, D A.Chase, R.L.VorEcher_, J.P.; <br />Johrsor, G.B.Swarsor, Mrs. Marie Oak, Herry Boshart, Charls Boshart. <br />The petition was refured the the City Engineer. <br />The Water Superir.ter_.dert reported that he had sucseeded it getir_.g down to the <br />brake in the Cook well and that it could be easily repaired,,tither by a clamp, <br />cement or by welding. The repairs was left to the descritior of the eater <br />Superirtendentg The City Ergireer and P.J.Larson. <br />The setir_.g of the fence around the water shed of the south Edmonds well <br />came up for corsideratior_. It was firaly settled that the fence should be set <br />two feet inside of the propert lir_ . <br />Co rcilman M rt�r sugested hat the Courcil imploy some one tp rur the <br />grader for a ew days to put the streets A better shape. Toe matter was <br />refured to the Street Committee. <br />The question of obtaining the spur that the Great Lorthern is abardirg for <br />the present for a roadway was refured to Councilman Clausen: and the City <br />Ergireer. <br />